The skittish doe’s

I chose to walk the outside road for our morning walk mostly because it has more shade than walking the campground. Only one car passed us, and it slowed down and we exchanged waves. The big, tall fir trees which are the common trees around here, cast plenty of shade for us. Incidentally, we passed several logging operations on our drive here and a couple of logging trucks with their full load of cut trees. Apparently, logging is a normal part of the economy. I also saw a lot of new fir trees planted to replace them, but it will be 20-30 years or longer before they will be ready for harvest. More telephone poles in the making, nature’s way. 

We did our usual thing on our return, breakfast, coffee and scanning the internet and answering a couple of emails. There are so many scams going on and now in the form of fake emails from ATT and other well-known companies that I legitimately deal with, warning me that I have not done such and such and click here to correct it. I always send them to that giant waste bin in the sky without opening them and if I have any doubt or questions as to their authenticity, I go to the real website and log in for verification. Invariably, everything is fine showing that the email in question is just one more scam. Usually, you can tell if it real by checking but not clicking on the email address of the sender. If it does not mention the name of the company in it, then it can be generally assumed to not be legit and definitely not to be opened for any reason and it goes straight to the trash bin. 

The dogs, meanwhile, were asleep…again. I got to thinking about that and decided that with only a small section of their brain developed for their normal everyday function, they have nothing to occupy their mind except to sleep. Makes sense to me as with a human’s developed brain, it needs constant stimulation in whatever form it may take. As a dogs brain only centers around love for their Hooman, food, walkies, more food, more walkies and maybe mating if they are not spayed or neutered, it does leave a lot of time to sleep. I sometimes wish I was a dog in a good home but only if dogs are reincarnated and come back as another dog in another good home. I would not want to come back as a human or another animal. Well maybe a cat. 

As we have already been into town and restocked up on groceries, we have nothing planned for the day but to stay cool. It is supposed to be close to 100 degrees with high humidity, but it is nice and comfortable inside of Quatro. Maybe we will laze around and listen to an Audiobook or write another poem although, with my current view of the world, it would probably be another dark one like yesterday’s. 
I did go out and do some RV maintenance, mainly borrowing some blocking material from the back of the Laundry Room stored there for such purposes as I had in mind. I called the management first to make sure it was OK then I messed around with the blocking and got the sewer hose fairly level. The problem is caused by the inlet valve which protrudes a good foot above the ground, hence the need for the blocking. My usual collapsible support system bought especially for that job is just not tall enough. With this done, I took the opportunity to empty the tanks before getting back inside in the cool. Prior to that, the dogs had been giving me, “the look” which I interpreted to mean they had to go do their business. However, when we got outside in the 100-degree humid heat, they both wanted to come back in. They were only out for 5 minutes at the most. So much for that. 
Back inside, I found the new license sticker for the Jeep but held off putting it on until the windshield cools down a bit. I have new plates and a sticker for Quatro and will need to plan to get them sent to me at the next campground. The current sticker is good through December of this year so unless I do something stupid, I should not get checked for an expired registration. As I was looking out of the window, first one and then a second doe appeared, and they had difficulty in making up their minds as to proceed. Both were very skittish, stopping, sometimes retracing their steps and then going slowly ahead. I managed to get a couple of pictures before eventually, they disappeared in the distance. 

I waited as long as I could before taking the guys out for the last walk of the day in the hope that it will also get more shade out on the road and that not being as hot might encourage them to enjoy the walk. They, like me, really struggle with 100-degree temperatures. As it happens, they did do much better and we walked for about a half mile before returning for the evening meal. 

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