The gas pipeline complex

We got up and then went out walking the road outside of the campground because it has more shade than anywhere else. Even at 9:30 am, the temperature was already in the low 90’s. It is going to be another scorcher of a day. I stopped to chat with the camp owner who was sitting on a mower. I admired her and told her so for doing all the maintenance work around the campground. She is a very nice lady to talk to and we had a long conversation about dogs, both hers and mine. The RV Park is located about 500 yards from an underground main transport gas line and there is a very large complex just down the road called a Compressor Complex. My guess is that it helps the gas along the way within the pipelines. Amazing the things, you find out in the country. In my younger days, I worked pipeline construction and in truth, it was the best job I ever had in my long working career or at least, one I enjoyed the most. I was only involved in all that goes into laying the pipe in the ground and have no conception what a Compressor Complex is or does except as I mentioned above. 
Back in Quatro, I prepared breakfast and as I made the Latte, suspected that the milk had turned again. True enough, the latte had a distinctly sour taste, but I drank it anyway. This means I will need to go into town to get more or drink it black. I worked on the blog for a bit, but the sour milk was on my mind, and I opted to go into Atlanta which has the large Walmart’s (and not much else). It is only 3 miles away and a short trip. I made a list of all the food that I needed which included a bottle of white wine although I am still working on the gallon jug of the stuff, I had bought a week or so ago. Just do not want to run out and like the Boy Scout’s motto, “Be Prepared”. 

The drive in was short and when I got in the store, I opted to walk around before grocery shopping. I had a couple of things in mind which I found. I stopped at the glasses counter but could not find a pair of shades any better or with more visibility than the ones I already have. My problem is that my glasses are now too strong, and I have stopped wearing them and seem to see fine without them, even reading the close print and working on the computer. Distance is also good, and I have no problem with driving, but I do not have a good pair of sunglasses which do not impair my vision a little bit. Giving up on the glasses, I went about real grocery shopping and found everything that I had on my list and a couple of other things that somehow found their way into my cart. $135.00 dollars later, I headed to my car this time knowing exactly where I had it parked and headed home. I already knew that the closest Starbucks is 23 miles away so did not even consider that idea. 

The 3-mile drive back was uneventful, and I was met by two very excited little dogs who sniffed and inspected every bag I brought in. They helped to put the groceries away and made a big fuss of me. Great to be welcomed home in that way. With the groceries in their proper places, I settled down to work on the blog as it was still only 5:00 pm and I like to walk the dogs as late as possible for obvious reasons and if nothing more than it is cooler. Not much cooler, maybe 1-2 degrees but every bit helps. Incidentally, I cannot believe just how fast the days are flying by. We have only got 3 more days here before we move on. 

We went out for a short walk later in the evening again on the roads as that is where the shade is before adjourning back to Quatro for the rest of the evening. 

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