I got up early as I wanted to beat the heat doing some of the outside prep work for the next move to Hot Sprins in Arkansas which I had not been able to do yesterday because of the rain (and the heat). We went out for the morning walk and fed the fish in the pond for probably the last time. Something gets the lid off the metal container holding the fish food during the night although the food level does not go down very noticeably. Probably some four-legged nighttime prowler finding a quick food source.  

Back in Quatro, went about doing the couple of things I needed to complete ready for tomorrows move. I got out the expanding ladder that I have and cleared the roofs of both slides of pine needles before turning my attention to hooking up the Jeep. I had purposely left all the electrical cords and safety chains hooked up to the RV this time around, so the project was only half as much to do and was quickly completed. I even got the Jeep close enough the first time so as not to have adjust it to hook it up. 
I was back in the RV when I got a knock on the door to find the camp owner standing there. We chatted for a bit, and I gave her a couple of my business cards as she wanted to read my blog. We talked about the campsite, and I gave her my honest opinion after she asked me and was nothing but positive. I made a few suggestions when she asked of what I thought they could do to make it more attractive. It is geared for the Over 55’s which some campers look for plus it has the pond and the trails around it. I suggested that they levelled the sites maybe with gravel to make it easier to set up and I showed her what I had to do to get the sewer pipe somewhat level. I also suggested that they make a few trails through the woods, that would attract a lot of people. I paid her the fees for my stay, which, incidentally, were a lot cheaper than the site before. We shook hands and parted company, A very, very nice lady indeed and a very nice, relaxed campsite. 
Back inside Quatro, we ate breakfast and settled down to write the blog. There is not much more prep work I can do other than put a couple of things away ready for the trip. The “heavy duty” work is done and all that remain are things like shelf retainers and such most of which has to happen tomorrow. In between writing the blog, I found things I needed to do that kept popping into my mind. They were not significantly important but to help as we travel the roads. Things like hooking the power cords to both the iPad and my iPhone which I use with RV Trip Wizard and both of which, I used on the last trip. Both almost ran out of battery which obviously shows that they need to be plugged in on long trips. Incidentally, I can only use one or the other as they are not synchronized with the voice communication, and it can get very confusing listening to two different sets of instructions even though they are both on the same road, making the same turns as RV Trip Wizard instructs. I will see which works the best this trip although the iPad does have a much bigger screen. 

The rest of the day was spent in just sitting around mixed in with an occasional burst of energy as I thought of something else that needed to be done before it was time to take the dogs walking. The temperature has dropped to an almost bearable 95 degrees which hopefully will last until we pull out tomorrow. No telling what Arkansas weather will be like. If I do get moments when I am not on the computer and just sitting around, I usually listen to a story on Audiobooks. As I said before, I do NOT watch TV during the day. 

We went out for the evening walk on the outside roads before retiring back to Quatro for the rest of the evening which will be our last one here at this very nice little campsite. 

Written 07/10/2022 Read my other poems at https://pondblog2011.com