Well and truly stuck…

We got up early as I just could not sleep anymore probably because the drive was on my mind. I took the dogs out and we walked the road for the very last time. One of my neighbors pulled up in his car and wished us safe travels before driving on to his workplace. Nice of him to do that. Back at Quatro, I tied the dogs up and did some outside work like removing the front wheel blocking and putting a couple of other things away before going back inside for breakfast and coffee. I worked on the blog just to pass the time as we have about a 4-hour drive and most campgrounds do not accept campers before 2:00 pm so I need to leave here around 10:00 am. 

When I got up, I let in the bedroom slide and loaded the bed with the few things that generally make the journey on it. I did the same for the bathroom putting things where they belong for travelling and with everything put away, brought in the big slide. The last things were all outside as I disconnected everything. Prior to that, I had let the RV back down on its own wheels by lowering the jacks. One final walk around checking everything and picking up the blocks and the wood that I use under the jacks, we were all set and ready to roll. 
I drove down the hill to the bottom entrance which I had checked out before and slowly made the turn as wide as the road would allow and then disaster struck. With a bang and a lurch, the RV had dropped into the ditch and would not move. We were stuck. I thought about it after inspecting and deciding that there was nothing, I could do to get us out, I remembered that I belong to the Good Sam Road Recovery Program and at once called their number. After several conversations and text messages, I had it worked out with the last text telling me the Wrecker was 2 hours away. I spent some of the time directing traffic which luckily, there was only the occasional car. There was just enough room for cars and small trucks to squeeze by and luckily, nothing big came through. It was hot in the RV with no A/C as it will not work off battery power and the sweat poured off me. I found out later when I got on the scales, I had lost 2.5 pounds. I kept a close eye on the dogs, but they managed to find the coolest places in the RV, and they had plenty of water. 

About 2 hrs. later as I was directing yet another vehicle around the RV, I heard the sound of a heavy diesel truck coming up the road and then the Wrecker appeared driven by an old man that looked every bit as old as me. We had a conversation about the problem and as I had plenty of time, I had been thinking of things we could do and suggested to him that I lower the jacks and we could block up the wheel which would get the back end off the ground which is what we did. In the process, we had to unhook the Jeep which not being in a straight and level line, was a bit of a problem all by itself. 
In order to maneuver the very big Wrecker into place, he had to back up the hill and go through the campground to do it and then he hooked up the camper tow hitch to his crane and very carefully winched the back end up and out of the ditch and skidded it away from the problem area. With the RV on solid ground, I was able to drive it up the road to a level spot so I could hook the Jeep back up. I signed the paperwork, tipped the driver, and thanked him profusely for his efforts. The cost was covered by the Good Sam Insurance. Money well spent on my part. 
The campground owner had pulled up as we were working on the unit, and I had a conversation and suggestion that she increase the length of the drainage pipe and fill it in to make a bigger turning area. She countered that they had brought in the three full size homes in the park, but I pointed out that those units come in on articulated trucks that can turn on 90 degrees while, my RV or any large units could not do that. I thanked her for the stay, she left, and I went back to hooking up the Jeep. The damage to the RV is only minor and will require some fiberglass body work. 

After 4 hours of sitting around, we were finally on our way. RV Trip Planner was giving direction on the tablet, and we successfully moved from road to road until we got onto Hwy 270 on which we stayed for about 100 miles. We were passed by truck after truck along the busy highway through ever changing countryside until we crossed the State Line into Arkansas. By now, we were in tree covered rolling hills and mountains and the RV huffed and puffed up some of the steep inclines until finally, the last sign read, Treasure Island Road. I was extremely pleased as we pulled into the park, which is huge especially compared to the last one, we just left. The office was closed but as instructed, my welcome envelope was pinned to the noticeboard. I had to unhook the Jeep because I needed to back up to find our site but when I did, it took very little time to set up. We are on a concrete pad and not too close to our neighbors. Another 5th Wheel had pulled up behind us and I had to direct him around me because of unhooking the Jeep. Several neighbors were sitting outside, and we had quite an audience as we set up. I bet I was judged as to my competence and about the unit itself. 

As quickly as I could, I took the dogs out walking to stretch their legs and do their business. They had been cooped up for almost 8 hours what with the problems and the drive. We walked around the park and along the lake before returning for the evening meal and the usual watching TV. 
Quite an eventful day, to say the least.

Written 07/12/2022 Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com