A part of the lake.

I was sitting and watching the television last evening when suddenly, the lights went out, literally. The storm, that has moved off in the distance must have tripped the power somewhere. The RV lights stayed on as they immediately switched to battery, but everything else was off, so we went to bed. 

This morning, we awoke to another beautiful sunny day although it has cooled off considerably, thank goodness, when we went out for the morning walk. We wandered around the park saying “Good Morning” to anyone we met along the way and slowly made our way towards the water. I checked on the duck’s nest that we spotted yesterday, and the Momma Duck was sitting on the eggs. She blends in beautifully with her surroundings, but we did not get too close. Strange to build a nest so relatively out in the open like that with the only shelter, the trunk of the tree. Then as I am not a Duck, what do I know. I wonder if her mate is around somewhere? 

We finished the walk and adjourned back to Quatro for breakfast. I broke one of my unwritten rules and sat and watched Manchester United play Liverpool on tour in Thailand. I had to watch it on my computer which was OK. As it was a pre-season game, it was hard to say much about it as so many subs were used along with the well-known and some Super Star players and there was no real consistency to the game. Still, good entertainment and the season is only 20 or so days away. Then, the games will be for real. 

I worked on the blog after answering emails or in most cases, removing them, unread. I am pretty much caught up blog wise and posted up to date. Same with the pictures I have taken so far. I even have time to sit and listen to an Audiobook sometimes generally late in the afternoons. 

I decided that I should go into Hot Springs and do some shopping there as they have a large Walmart’s Super Center, and I can usually get everything that I need in those stores. It was only a 5-mile drive and took no time at all. On the way, I passed a couple of gas stations selling gas at $4.14 a gallon, the cheapest I have seen in a long time, but the Jeep is almost full so no reason to stop. The shopping was uneventful, but I was able to find the face and body cream that has sun protection which I have been looking for all over. I bought 4 bottles of the stuff which should last me a couple of months. At the checkout counter, as I had 4 bottles of wine, the clerk asked for my ID to check my birthdate. I looked at her in utter amazement and she apologized and said that they have to ID everyone, according to the law. I have not been carded in so many years it was funny. I did not blame the checkout lady as she was only doing her job. Maybe it is nothing to do with age but that that you must have an ID to buy the stuff. 

I left the store and checked with Sirie to find the closest Starbucks and this time; I was lucky as there was one a half mile down the road which I quickly drove buying my usual Latte to drink on the drive back. It is really pretty countryside, and we are in the mountains which tower above us. I could easily settle here butonly if the winters are not too severe. So far, the people that I have met have been very friendly and helpful. The drive was uneventful with the Jeep’s GPS system giving me instructions and scolding me for taking wrong turns. Well, it sure sounded like scolding. 
I unloaded the Jeep and stacked the groceries outside of the RV door because I was having trouble with the steps not staying out and while doing that, received a call from one of my Doctor’s Offices to do a monthly follow up. Nowadays, a lot of my doctoring is done over the phone but this time, it was just to get the records straight. We had an interesting conversation about the fact that I no longer wear glasses as my vision has improved considerably. I had been thinking about it and it might be because way back when, my right eye contact got dirty and inflicted some damage to the cornea that my Optometrist treated and which got better. I had a new prescription at that time and wore glasses for a while, but they were too strong as the eye healed and eventually, I just stopped wearing them. All the time I was talking to this lady, who was very interested in my RV’ing, wanting to do it herself, my groceries were sitting out in the hot sun and in the end, I had to sign off before everything melted or cooked. 

With the groceries put away, I took the dogs out for a walk around the park chatting to a few of my neighbors as I passed them. This is a very busy park as RV’s are coming and going all the time. Incidentally, following last night’s storm, today, although a bit humid, the temperature only reached 96 degrees. Cool by Austin, Texas standards which had a high of 106 degrees.  

We went out for one more short walk as it had cooled down even more before following the usual evening routine. 

Written 07/14/2022 Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com