Laundry and Bathrooms on the right

We snoozed this morning getting up late which is OK as we have nothing planned and the very first thing, was to take that all important walk. I tried to walk in the shade as much as possible, so we covered the same ground several times.  Back in the RV, we did the usual breakfast and coffee thingy before tidying up a bit. Really not much tidying needed in such a small space, but I like to keep it clean and shipshape as much as possible. We have nothing planned for today, not even a trip to the Superstore. I do have a couple of things to do around Quatro which will take up some of my time otherwise, it will just be another lazy day. 

This is a very busy and active RV site with campers coming and going every day. Today at least one camper had pulled out and another has pulled in. We sat and listened to an Audiobook although I cannot for the life of me reason why we finished that particular story as it was so farfetched to be ludicrous. Gotta find me a good old fashioned thriller next time. By the time I finished listening, it was time to go out for the evening walk and we harnessed up and stepped out of the door. We walked the full circumference of the park on the outside road, meeting several campers, some walking their dogs, others sitting outside of their campers cooking or just relaxing. Typical evening scene in any campground. We stopped to talk to a mother and Daughter who were sitting outside, and they were telling me of the dogs they have had and at the same time, making a fuss of Sandy who loves every minute of it. Mikey, not so much and he hides behind me most of the time that is if he is not growling at any dogs they may have. So, protective. We visited the spot where the ducks have their nest and one of them was sitting on the eggs. I spotted the other one out on the pond. I wonder if ducks feed their mates when they are sitting or if they take turns. I need to look that up. People are doing a good job of staying away and not bothering the nest and I hope they have enough sense to continue that way. It is the kids and any loose dogs I worry about. 
We finished our walk and returned to Quatro for the evening meal which has been cooking most of the afternoon. Well, the chicken and pork chops have been cooking on the indoor grille. Love that thing, throw on the meat and forget it as it switches itself off. Of course, that is not always a good thing as I left chops on it overnight one time. I am still here after eating them, so I guess there was not enough time for any germs to get on the meat. 

The rest of the day was spent in the usual fashion with the evening meal and then television. 

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Treasure Island RV Park, Hot Springs, AK Day 6-Saturday. 07/16/2022

Swimming Pool and play area

We got up at a reasonable time and went out for the first walk of the day. The park is pretty full, and many campers were sitting outside enjoying the sunshine before it gets unbearably hot. At one RV, a family pulled up obviously visiting the new arrivals. It was fun to watch everyone greeting each other especially the kids of both families. Kids always have that special bond…We wandered around for a bit before returning to Quatro for breakfast. I had bought some pre-cooked bacon as I wanted a bacon sandwich and it tasted good, and I was not disappointed. 
After breakfast, it was time to do the usual, “catch up on world news” thingy before answering a couple of emails and trashing a whole lot more and then sitting down to write. We have nothing planned for today or tomorrow and we will start the moving preparations as we pull out on Monday. Our next park is Mountain View RV Resort in Mountain View still in Arkansas. The trip is a bit under 200 miles at least 4 hours in length. 

I sat for a while listening to a new story on Audiobooks. The jury is still out if I like it or not. I did not like the last one as I thought it was a bit far-fetched, but I listened to it all the way through. Do not ask me why…Maybe because I had already paid for it although Audiobooks does allow returns.  

I needed to take a trip to the dumpster so threw the trash bin in my car and drove over. Then I stopped at the office to give them my forwarding address as the letter that BJ had sent on to me, had not arrived. Back at Quatro, I harnessed up the dogs as it was time to go walking which we did, dawdling around the park trying to find shade to walk in as much as possible as the temperature had reached 101 degrees with high humidity. We ended up by the lake and one of the ducks was sitting on the nest. We sat for a while, and I took pictures of the boats rushing up and down the lake before moving on to finish our walk. 

On the way back, the Mail Truck passed us heading to the office so maybe my letter will get delivered. I stopped to talk to one of my neighbors, an old guy like me who just loved to talk. Maybe he was making up for lost time but try as I could, I was not able to get away until a part of our conversation involved Quatro, and we wandered over next to him. While we were talking, my phone rang, and it was the office telling me my mail was in and that one of the young ladies would bring it over which she did although it did not stop the flow of his conversation. I eventually seized a lull in the diatribe to say that, “It was nice to meet you” and again, “Well nice talking to you” and shaking his hand, let myself into the RV. Man, he must be starved for conversation as I hardly got a word in edgeways and he talked for what seemed forever. Maybe 30 minutes but man…. I think I know his and his family’s life history except I cannot remember any of it and neither do I want to.

I turned my attention to emptying the tanks and for some reason, the hose connection to the sewer outlet blew off and we had water everywhere. Luckily, it was the grey water that was running at the time and not the black tank. I quickly shut it off and re-attached it making sure it was firmly in place, completed the emptying of the tanks. As it smelt a bit, I used the water hose to drench the area getting rid of the smells. Another bit of unwanted excitement. 
Back in Quatro, I fed the dogs and then myself before settling down to the usual evening’s entertainment. 

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