The folding chair with no shade.

It thundered loud in the night, enough to wake us and I got up to let in the canopy in case of any heavy winds. There was not much rain, and we quickly went back to sleep. I rolled out of bed at a reasonable hour for us and we went out for the first walk of the day and again, walking in the shade as much as possible where it is several degrees cooler.  

One of the alarms has been going off on a regular basis and I have searched high and low for the cause. Obviously, there is no fire and therefore no smoke so I thought at first that there might be something that needed adjusting or resetting. I could not find anything after almost tearing the place apart, not literally of course but figuratively. Then I happened to smell the scent from the battery driven fresh air cans that I have that squirt a puff of some scented material to make the place smell nice on a regular basis. The beeps coincided with the squirts and apparently, that alarm does not like the smell of that variety and lets the world know about it. Relieved that I had solved the current problem, I took the can out of the unit and set it to one side. Guess I will either have to reposition it or do without it. I did not know that alarms are so sensitive thinking only of smoke but as they do come for carbon dioxide and other noxious gasses, it had already made up its mind that the scent from the fresh air can fitted into that category. Now I need to buy a new smoke alarm as I broke the one, I have trying to get it open. Next trip to Walmart’s planned for later today. 

Following breakfast for me, I sat down to write and catch up on the blog. I also worked on the pictures I have taken of this park in Lightroom before transferring them to the other program I use to write the blog. From there, I can easily access them to include them a I see fit. Writing is a two-part job as first; I write everything in Word which makes grammatical and spelling corrections and such and then transferring everything to WordPress for the final touches like adding pictures, before posting. It is an interesting hobby, and it keeps my brain occupied a great deal. 

I decided that I should go into Walmart’s which is about a half mile down the road as I needed a few things but specifically, a new smoke and CO2 alarm unit as I mentioned above. What I like about Walmart’s stores is that just about everything is laid out the same and things are in familiar places. Some are bigger than others like the Superstores and you almost need a bus or taxi to get around in them. Or, as I do, use it to get in the miles and the exercise out of the hot sun. 

I completed my shopping including getting the new smoke alarm and spent time wandering around looking for the wine section. I could not find it and asked the nearest clerk who informed me that we were in a dry county, and they do not sell wine or liquor. Some gentleman? passing by overheard the conversation and told me where to go but it was a 20-mile drive and I have enough to last a week or so. Out of Seltzer though and had to make do with small cans of Mountain Dew. Funny, on the way in I had been thinking of our next move or whether to stay here for another few days, but the latest news has already changed my mind. Not that I am an alcoholic or anything even close unless a small glass of wine in the evenings is making me one. 

I sat in the car and thought about my observations whilst in the store. Almost without exception, everyone and I mean men, women and kids were very much overweight. This was not helped by the fact that many of both sexes were very tall. Add that to being overweight and it makes for a very disturbing picture. Some of them were dressed like they had just come down from the hills and if they were a family, there were almost always several rough looking urchins. Maybe I am biased, but I kept thinking of “Deliverance”, the movie… 

I drove back to Quatro and was met by two very excited little dogs who helped to put the groceries away with their noses in every bag. I had left them with treats which they do not eat while I am gone but the minute I was back, they eagerly devoured theirs looking to steal each other’s as well. 

I sat and wrote for a bit but had no desire to go back out as it is so hot. The temperature is 102 degrees and there is not much shade around this park. Quatro is nice and cool as the tree shades the front window. Eventually, after it had cooled off by at least one degree, we went out for another walk again trying to find as much shade as possible. We sat for a while outside of Quatro in the folding chair as I have not bothered to unload the wicker couch due mostly to the fact that the door side where I sit outside, faces the sun and even with the awning out, there is not much shade. Besides, my site is very narrow, and a lot of the outdoor carpet is under the RV. Luckily, I do not have a neighbor on that side as the sites are very close together.

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