The Office building

Up early and quickly out walking the dogs while it is still relatively cool. Not a lot in the way of shade but we walked around much of the campground dodging from one patch of shade that we could find to the next and managed to explore quite a bit more of the grounds. Two families of campers were loading their trucks to go out for the day, packing swim gear and coolers. A couple of others that were here yesterday, have already moved on. I still have neighbors on both sides. We have no plans although I may take that trip to Walmart’s later today. 

I sat and answered the few emails that warranted an answer before turning to the blog posting the latest episode after adding pictures. I had taken quite a few pictures as we walked around yesterday so I spent time in uploading them into Lightroom to work on them a bit. Then they go into the corresponding campground file for later use, or not. With the blog up to date, I decided that I would take that drive into Walmart’s and stock up on groceries and as my wine supply was also getting low, add a few bottles to it. Assuming that we are not in a dry county. 

The drive into the small town of Branson was interesting and I followed the GPS to find the way. With all the twists and turns and changing roads, I would have been lost in the first 10 minutes. The roads in the town were also twisty and winding and I missed a couple of turns because of it but I eventually arrived at Walmart’s. This is one of the humongous stores and I covered well over a mile walking the aisles. I found everything I wanted and quite naturally, a few extra items and my bill came to $264.00 for the basics plus I stocked up on wine, just in case. Incidentally, this store also sells liquor, lots of liquor of all distinct kinds. First Walmart’s I have been in that does that. I stuck to the wine as that I can handle…I did purchase a couple of RV and other items which helped to push up the bill. 

I left the Walmart’s and had my phone locate a Starbucks but again, even following the directions, I was unable to find it. After a couple of attempts, I deemed that a Latte was not in my immediate future and set the car’s map system to find the way home which was an uneventful trip albeit like riding a switchback. 

Branson is an interesting but to my mind, a strange small town. It is jam packed full of entertainment of all kinds with lots of theatres and theme parks almost next door to each other. A lot of the shows are of entertainers from a few years ago, like Elvis Presley and such. They must have actors who specialize in playing those parts. Branson would be a wonderful place to take pictures as it has many strange structures, but the traffic is busy, and it would be difficult to hop from place to place. The whole town is one big showcase and quite obviously, tourism is the primary business along with all that goes with it like hotels and motels and lots of eating places. I cannot wait to go back again to see more. 

We arrived back at the RV just in time to get the groceries unloaded before it came on to rain. I covered the wicker couch with its rain cover even though it is set up under the canopy. If the wind gets up, I will have to bring the canopy in, so it does not get damaged. Another camper has pulled in two campers away and just got it levelled before it came pouring down, lucky him. 

I sat and wrote for a while listening to the rain as it poured down. Luckily, there was not much wind, but I brought in the canopy anyway, just in case. The rain eased off an hour or so later and we went out for the evening walk as the dogs had been giving me “the look” which meant they had to go. We wandered around trying to stay on the gravel and not on the grass except Sandy kept having different ideas and pulled us to wherever she wanted to go. Surprising how strong she is for a little dog although I do not resist too much. I had to dry them off before they could get back into the RV. 

We finished the evening in the usual way. 

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