It rained a bit overnight but nothing to wake me up although, the grass was a bit damp on the mornings walk around the campground. The sky is overcast and nice and cool for walking. Makes a pleasant change from the oppressive heat.  
We have nothing planned for the day which is a constant theme in my life, and I like it that way. I am perfectly content with the occasional trip into town for supplies and have no urge to eat out or go to any of the multitude of shows that are advertised. I lead a very dull and boring existence…I like to think of it as being settled and contented with my life. 
I was having trouble connecting to the internet through my usual ATT Netgear unit and although it showed I had plenty of gigs, it kept on dropping the signal, I cussed a lot and then decided to try the local campground source and lo and behold, I am connected again. Unusual as my ATT set up has never failed me so far and it worked well when we first got here. It was sunny for the first couple of days so maybe the threatening weather has something to do with it. Oh well, as long as I am connected and can write who cares how. I worked on the latest blog and posted it along with a few pictures and am all caught up. 
I sat around for a bit working on other things and reading the latest news although it is so depressing that I wonder about the state of this country or maybe it is just a few individuals who get themselves into the headlines with their outlandish views. I often wonder how and why they come up with some of this stuff although I suspect that the almighty dollar has a lot to do with it and they are parroting as directed by their various donors. There is very much wrong with the American system of elected official’s support networks when everything is governed by the amount of money raised by those same donors. They essentially are buying whatever it is they support through these same officials. I think, that if I had anything to say in this it would be for term limits and donor limits that every politician or elected official was bound by. It should be a Federal Law or added to the Constitution. Same thing for the Supreme Court, term limits, as they too are no longer impartial. OK, enough ranting for one day as nothing I say or do will make any difference and besides, my friend BJ will probably lecture me for this. 

We went out for the final walk of the day and wandered around saying hello to any other campers that we met along the way. There was nothing unusual or different about this walk as it was the same as hundreds taken before. The only thing different is the location and the scenary.
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Ozark Country Campgrounds, Branson, MO Day 6 Saturday 07/30/2022

We awoke to the sound of heavy rain which is sometimes soothing to listen to. Then I remembered that we must go out walking, rain or no rain as the dogs are into a routine and the first walk of the day is especially important for obvious reasons. I donned my Parka and put up the hood and we braved it outside. Actually, it was not unpleasant, and we covered a half mile or so around the campgrounds with Miss Sandy leading the way, me in the middle and Mikey somewhat reluctantly bringing up the rear. Back in the RV, I toweled them off to get the worst of the water off them and blocked the entrance to the bedroom otherwise, Sandy would make a beeline for the bed and commence to roll to dry herself. I suffered her dirty looks after explaining my reasoning, but I think she hates me. 
I fixed breakfast for us all and I ate mine and enjoyed it. Sandy ate most of hers while Mikey did his usual thing of turning up his nose. The rain continued steadily, and it looks like a wet day. We have no outside plans, and I am quite content to write and listen to the rain which is forecast to last all day. It is also ideal weather to take a nap or maybe listen to a story on Audiobooks or, heaven forbid, even turn on the TV and watch a football (soccer) match. 
The rain eased off late in the afternoon although there was still a light drizzle in the air. I found things to do to keep me busy and the time quickly passed. I even sat and listened to an Audiobook for a couple of hours before Sandy, with her constant bugging and appealing looks, got her way and we went out walking around the park. Even with all the rain we had, the grass was only just a little damp, and it only took a quick wipe to dry their feet when we got back. 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual way although we watched the very last episode of “In the Heat of the Night” with Carroll O’Connor. I really enjoyed that program and it gave an insight into the racial problems of the South just 20 years ago.  

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