Quatro and the Jeep

We got up at a reasonable hour after a bit of a restless night. I dropped off to sleep and then woke up around 2:00 am, used the bathroom and just could not relax enough to fall back to sleep. I suppose I eventually did as when I awoke again, it was 8:30 am. I crawled out of bed and after the usual bathroom rituals, we went out walking staying in the shade as much as possible. We wandered around going this way and that as both dogs had their own ideas where we should walk based on the next interesting smell and finally ended back up at Quatro. My new neighbor was working outside, and I stopped to chat with him for a bit. 

Following breakfast, I settled down to write for a while after checking the emails most of which were the usual junk. There was not even one that required my attention which is both good and bad but then again, it is Saturday and most people have today off. I wonder collectively, how many working hours are lost because of employees checking and answering their mail on company time? Twenty years ago, it would have been unheard of but as modern humans which includes women and especially kids, cannot live without their phones, it is accepted as the norm. There is an awful lot of the world passing these people by if they were to just look around at it. I know it is the modern way and a sign of the times, but I personally find it frustrating and yes, even annoying to see this. These people do not observe what is happening both in Nature and humanity and I pity them as they are a slave to modern technology. 

My RV is facing the Laundry Room and I watch the comings and goings and decided that as there had not been any activity in the past hour, I might as well do a load of laundry. I gathered everything and telling the dogs I would not be long, climbed the grassy hill that leads to the laundry room about a 50-yard walk. When I opened the door, I was lucky as not a single machine of either variety, was in use. I selected the one I wanted and loaded in the wash and again, had to make use of the change machine as the washers and dryers do not take quarters but tokens. With the washer doing its thing, I wandered back to Quatro and listened to an Audiobook until I deemed it was time to make the trip back up the hill resulting in placing everything into one of the dryers before returning to Quatro to wait another hour. 

While this was going on, I had placed some chicken cutlets onto the indoor grill, and it too was merrily cooking away. The grill will only hold just so much so I cook things in shifts and altogether, it will take 4 cycles, two for the chicken and two for the pork cutlets. Talk about multi-tasking but what a straightforward way to prepare the food…. Man, I am outdoing myself with all this burst of activity. Hate the cleanup though. I could let the drill cool down and then the dogs can lick the it clean. Just kidding. 

It was time to wander back up the hill fold the laundry and bring it back to put it away in its respective drawers and such, you know, socks in one drawer, underwear in another and so on. This way, I can locate things without having to think about them because if I open the wrong drawer for socks and can always try the other 4-5 until I hit the right one. Who said my memory is fading, I did not say that… 

On my trips backwards and forwards, I noticed that two more class A’s and a 5th Wheel have pulled in although we are all nicely spaced apart at least for now. My guess is that at least the Class A’s are probably full timers as most weekenders do not splurge out for the cost of a Class A. I watched as the latest Class A unhooked his tow car and backed it off the separate trailer and then unhooked the trailer itself. I complain about hooking and unhooking the Jeep but at least, mine is a one-time deal and I do not have to do it twice. I like our system best, moans and groans and all, although we are getting much better at it and have learned a few tricks to help us like using a hammer for a few gentle taps on the pins to help them in and out. Incidentally, one of the Class A’s is the same make as mine, a Jayco Precept but it probably a little older and does not have the wonerful paint job that we have.

The cooking was finished except to clean up the grill and it needs to cool down before tackling that project, The laundry was done for at least a couple of weeks and folded and put away, so I returned to the blog, fighting the temptation of watching a Premier League game as the season started yesterday. I will save those for the evenings. Instead, I opted to listen to an Audiobook continuing a story that I have already started. All about Secret Service and spies and such by a very well-known writer, Tom Clancy. 

We went out for the final walk of the day and wandered around. We had quite the tussle on the walk as I wanted to go in one direction and my stubborn little girl was determined that it was opposite to where she wanted to go. She is quite strong, and she adds to it by laying down in protest. Unless it is a matter of life or safety, she always wins these arguments. After each episode, Mikey gives me his version of “the look” as if to say, “Why do you let her boss you around, be a man like me and stand up to her.” It is all in playful fun though and they know it. 

When we got back to the RV, the little white kitty appeared, and I quickly opened one of the cans of cat food that I had bought and set it out. He must have eaten some of it as it was half gone. As I watched the Crows ate the rest. Nothing wasted in my world. 

The evening’s entertainment was a bit different as the English Premier League started this weekend and now, I get to watch 11 games a week of the best football (soccer to you lesser informed) in the World through next May 2023. Cannot ask for more than that. 
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Ozark Country RV Park, Branson, MO Day 14 Sunday 08/07/2022

Some of the cabins

The first walk of the day was uneventful except for the Madam wanting to go in the other direction to what Mikey and I want to go. Our direction is usually the shortest route in the shade while hers consists of zig zagging all over the place as she gets a whiff of the next inviting smell. We generally tag along unless there is some sort of danger then of course, we all change direction. 

Back in Quatro, I fixed us all breakfast. Mine consisted of two slices of precooked bacon that only requires 30 seconds in the microwave to heat, on toasted bread. Talking of bread, I do not know if it is my tastebuds changing as I age, or it is that things are made differently than from years ago. Bread does not have the same consistency as it used to and is mostly tasteless. I have even switched several different varieties but always end up disappointed. Oh, for the good old days of hot baked bread fresh from the oven. I guess I could make my own but that seems like a lot of trouble as I do not eat it every day. Just saying… 

I turned to the latest news to see if anything happened overnight that I should know about, but it seems that apart from the usual murders and violence, nothing earth shattering occurred. When I read about some of these things, I wonder just what on earth caused these people to crack as they do. What is with all the violence from every day “normal” citizens, both men and women and sometimes both combined. Why do they do what they do as they must know that it will be the end of their own lives as they know them when they go to jail for the rest of what time they have left. It is not always about guns although they do play a big part but about people not being able to control themselves. Unfortunately, violence is the modern way of settling an argument or dispute so there must be psychological reasons creating the problems. Is our modern way of living to blame, the grand age of computers, internet, and information? 

Knowing that I could not solve the problem, I turned my attention to much lighter hearted things like answering emails and writing in the blog realizing of course that my gloomy thoughts of the world are in black and white for all to see. Sometimes, this age of instant information is not always a good thing. Either that, or I should keep my thoughts to myself. Nah, that ain’t no fun…. 

I worked on the blog and a little bit in RV Trip Wizard looking at our next stop along the way. It is too early to make reservations as I am staying here through the 25th of this month. That was not my original intent but as it was cheaper to pay for a month than for two weeks, who can pass up that sort of a deal. Besides, one place is much like the same if the campground is OK as that is where we spend most of our time. There is nothing that says I cannot leave early but why waste the money. 

There are now 4 Class A’s that have pulled in these past few days. The last one is huge and must be 45 ft long, something I would have liked to have if I were at least 20 years younger as they take even more skill in driving than Quatro does at 35 ft. Interestingly, one of them is the same make and model as ours but looks a bit older. It has a different paint job and even though I am a bit prejudiced, I like ours better. 

I had a few chores to do like moving some boxes from the outside storage into the storage under the bench seats that I had recently discovered to redistribute the weight a bit more evenly. Right now, there is too much in the back-end storage area which creates a bit of a sway when we are travelling, especially when the tractor trailers go by. I also spent a bit of time reorganizing and putting the spare wheel chocks and levelling boards in one compartment. Now all I got to do is remember which compartment…I figured that if I do this a bit at a time, I should be organized by Christmas. Just kidding,..again. I also dug out the Shepherds Crook thinking of hanging the bird feeders but the ground look like concrete and it might be impossible to drive it into the ground without a jack hammer. Besides, I do not have any bird seed. 

As I was already dressed for the outdoors, we went for a short walk staying in the shade as much as possible. Just prior to that, I had driven the Jeep to the dumpsters to empty the outside trash bag as somehow, we had managed to fill it again. I use the plastic shopping bags from the stores indoors and collect the full ones in the outside trash container. When it is full, we make that trip to the dumpster. These are the sort of normal activities that campers must do regardless of what it is you are camping in from a tent to a Class A RV. 

Back in the RV, I had a couple of items to take care of before settling down to continue writing for a bit and listening to an Audiobook for an hour or so. By then, it was time for the final walk of the day around the campgrounds. Apart from the swimming pool, there was not much other activity and those in the pool were the Hispanic day workers who reside at the park. 

The evening was spent in the usual way except this time, I got to watch my Great, Great Grandson, Solly March, who plays for Brighton and Hove Albion in the English Premier League, beat my other favorite team, Manchester United 2-1. Way to go Solly and the Seagulls. 

Written 08/07/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com