The “Long Term” end of the Park

I awoke after a restless night worried that the RV might be damaged after the storm or that a tree branch had fallen on us but when I stuck my head out the door, everything looked OK except the wicker couch cover had blown completely off and was hanging by one strap to the leg of the couch. Good thing too as it might have blown into Branson city. I put it on the table to dry where I also put the cushions as without their cover, they too were soaked. 

I let the awning out only to discover that my worst fears that it had sustained some damage in the storm were true. How much, I will determine when I get up close to it. It still operates but looks like it has come loose at the bottom corner and whether I can repair it remains to be seen. Always something. 

We went out walking checking out the other RV’s and buildings, but I could not see any other damage. The 5th wheel across from me has an arrangement whereby he has a see-through canvas extension attached to his awning when it is extended which is then anchored to the ground to provide a secluded area for them. This additional cover was laying on the ground, but it looks like the awning is rolled safely up. That is one of the problems when a sudden gust of wind or a storm rolls in. One reason to never leave the awnings out if you are away for any length of time. We wandered around the park surveying for any other damage before adjourning back to Quatro. I did a walk around outside of the RV and discovered that the strong wind had blown over the new aluminum sewer hose supports which I quickly righted. The park personnel were driving around doing cleanup work and picking up all the loose branches and such that the wind had brought down. 

The damage to the awning bothered me and I got out the collapsible ladder that I have, extended it, and got up close and personal to inspect the damage. The awning has torn for about a foot where it is attached to the roll bar. I think I can repair it with duct tape, but the canvas needs to dry first which may take a while in these cloudy conditions. Longer still if it comes on to rain. There was nothing I could do except wait so we adjourned back inside of Quatro. 

I looked out the window and observed a 5th wheel pull into the slot immediately to my right and I hustled out to move the car to make it easier for the owner to back in with the Jeep out of the way. While I sat and waited, three more RV’s pulled in behind the first one. I parked the car out of the way and let them through and they all individually set up along our row. Now, there are only a couple of vacant spaces left. 

I continued to write for a while and posted the latest version of the blog. I do not suppose that too many people bother to take the time to read what I write unless they are interested in the outdoor life, but I write to keep my brain active and if anybody else enjoys my writing then for me, that is a bonus. 

It was still daylight enough for me to climb the ladder and repair the awning. And at the same time, hoping that the canvas had dried out enough for the duct tape to hold. It went well but the test will come when I close and then reopen the awning to see if it holds. I put the folding ladder away which, incidentally, collapses much quicker and easier than it opens, hoping that I will not need it again for this job. It was growing dark, and I was listening to an Audiobook trying to decide if I should bring the awning in overnight. I checked the weather forecast and it said rain showers and wind gusts and that did for me, and I pushed the “In” button until the awning was fully closed. The test will be in the morning when I open it again. 

With the excitement of the new arrivals, we went out for a walk just being nosy and checking on the different units. There are now, only three open spots in our row, such is the nature of an RV Park. We wandered around for a while before returning to Quatro for the evening’s entertainment. 

Written 08/09/2022. Read my other blog at