The Laundry Building

I slept late and as the dogs have learned that nothing happens until I get out of bed, they slept right alongside me. The sun was shining bright and cheerful as we walked around the park for the first walk of the day. It had not warmed up enough to be uncomfortable, so we walked the grassy areas instead of leapfrogging from one shady area to another as we usually do. Just give it time although the forecast has a definite cooling pattern to it… 

Back at the RV, I carefully extended the awning hoping that my repair job would hold. Luckily for me, it did. So far, so good. With everything outside shipshape again, we adjourned indoors for breakfast followed by the usual catching up and trashing of emails before writing in the blog. I am at the point of not trusting anyone when it comes to email notification and always check the senders email address before opening them. If I have any doubt, they are at once discarded, unread. 

I check the news first thing in the morning, but it is so darn depressing filled with murder and violence so much of which seems so pointless. Another reason that I like the RV life where I can keep myself to myself unless I am in the unfortunate situation of confronting an irate Walmart’s shopper with an AK 47 looking for vengeance for some supposed wrong done to him or her. This is a violent country that we live in and some of the people have lost all sense of reason. How can you be so angry at someone enough to kill or hurt them knowing you could be locked up for the rest of your life. What has happened that a person can no longer control their temper without thinking of the consequences. I just do not get it. Drugs may have something to do with it but not in every case. My own personal view with those of the younger generation that act this way is that we are in the age of “spare the rod and spoil the child” syndrome and child upbringing has changed so much that every teenager or young man or woman 
thinks he or she is entitled. Do not get me started… 

I spent time online and with a lot of research and time spent, by switching Insurance Companies, I managed to save almost $6000.00 on my combined RV and Jeep insurance. A good afternoons work. 

We went out for another walk and wandered around going in every direction at Sandy’s whim before coming back to sit outside and listen to an Audiobook for an hour or so. When the story ended and as the dogs were still harnessed up, we walked again around the park. We wandered around and walked over to the office where I was able to get someone’s attention enough to point in the general direction of the mail stand. One of the staff came out with the final package that I had been expecting and I thanked him profusely and we went on our way back to Quatro. I tied the dogs up and opened the package and got out the new cutting board we had ordered. Not wanting to trash up the place I weighted the empty carton down ready to take it over to the dumpsters. 

Sandy was in seventh heaven with so much outdoor activity although she began to tire and flopped down on the ground with her tongue hanging out a couple of times. Back at Quatro, her first thing is to drink a hall a gallon of water. Well maybe not that much… 

We sat outside for a while before going back inside where it was the evening meal followed by television and then bed. 

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