Some of the entertainment that I took from the car. This is only a fraction of what is available.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the door was how cool and fresh it was outside. The air was clear with little humidity, and it was a pleasure to walk around. I hope this is a sign of things to come for a while as I like this cooler weather. That is until it gets too cold then I always wish it were warmer. No pleasing some people. I watched as one of the camp personnel mowed the grassy areas although, the grass is barely an inch high in most places. Yesterday, they were weed whacking on the longer stuff where the mowers cannot reach. They certainly do maintain the grounds very well. 

We wandered around as we usually do, not going in any real direction before returning for breakfast and coffee for me. Others were also walking their dogs and we made sure to avoid any confrontations because they are both noisy and embarrassing. The campground is almost totally full up with all, but two spaces occupied. 

After breakfast and coffee, I sat and read emails for a bit with nothing of any importance to really concern me, then spent time on writing and posting. We are completely up to date with everything and consequently, I am, almost waiting for something to write about. I decided to take a drive into town to the small Walmart’s that they have here. It has everything that I need if I am not looking for something too exotic or unusual. I bypassed the liquor and wine section having stocked up sufficiently the last visit. I found all the food items that I needed which was not hard as there was nothing out of the norm and then wandered through the hardware section looking for something to prevent the new cutting board from sliding around on the marble surface. I managed to find some special pads that I think will work and if they do not, then back to the drawing board. I remembered that there was a Starbucks just down the road from the first time I was here and paid it a visit to get a long-awaited Latte. 

As I was driving around, I tried to take a few pictures when the opportunity arose but discovered that the 300 lenses on the camera is too strong and I need to put on the 150 model which of course, is in Quatro. Oh well, live and learn, I hope… 

The short drive back was uneventful, and I was met by my two little friends all excited and wanting to help with the groceries as they usually do. I managed to get everything put away despite their help and we went out for a walk around the park, so they could relieve themselves and stretch their little legs before returning to write for a while. 

I sat for a bit with nothing pressing to do and made a fuss of both dogs. They vie for places on my lap but get it worked out if I do not pet one more than the other. When they perceive that to be happening, I get dirty looks from Sandy and a lot of nose pushing from Mikey. I went back to finish the blog for the day before we went out for one more walk around the park. It was dusk and had cooled own a lot making the walking extremely comfortable. 

As is our habit, we sat outside for a while and listened to the noisy neighbors as they cooked and then ate their evening meal outside. They have two younger kids that can be a bit raucous which is OK as they are enjoying their young lives. Never let it be said that I am a miserable old fogy. Old yes, but still a cheerful sort of a guy. 
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Ozark Country RV Park, Branson, MO Day 19 Friday 08/12/2022

There are at least 20 of these cabins

The clear weather is still holding and the morning walk around the park was very enjoyable. I noticed that one of the huge Class A’s was gone and the other looked like it was preparing to leave. When we arrived back at Quatro, my neighbor to my left, was also preparing to move on. Later, the other of the huge Class A’s pulled out. What a beautiful RV and much more expensive than my RV. Still, we are incredibly happy with Quatro, and he will do us very nicely for what time we have left travelling. If I can no longer drive this big rig and am still capable of living alone, we will park full time somewhere, only then I will trade him in for something cheaper and more permanent.

We looked at the emails and then I spent time in finishing off the insurance business cancelling the other two policies that I have and getting a hefty refund in the process. I wrote in the blog and was just sitting there thinking and it occurred to me that I did not buy bird seed yesterday at Walmart’s. It was on my list but what good is a list if I do not look at it. I jumped in the car as the Walmart’s is only 3 miles down the road and drove into the Walmart’s parking lot. Of course, I ended up buying more than just bird seed although I could not find what I wanted and had to settle for Budgerigar seed instead. I wanted Wild Bird Seed but this store, does not appear to carry it. I could not find any Hummingbird liquid or mix either. Go figure, not catering for local wild birds. 

I found the Starbucks next door and bought my usual Latte and then drove back to the RV. Before that, I tried to locate a Men’s hairdresser, but no one would answer the phone, so I gave up on it. Hell, let it grow, who cares. The dogs do not, and it is not like I need to impress anyone. 

Back at the RV, I filled two of the bird feeders and hung them on the Shepherd’s Crook that I had managed to pound into the ground, enough for it to stand on its own. I thought about going out for a walk with the dogs and then remembered that I needed to drink the Latte before it got cold and put off the walk much to the dog’s disappointment. 

I sat and wrote until I finished the drink and by this time, the dogs were fast asleep again. I considered waking them and decided to wait a bit until Sandy, in her own quiet way, will tell me it is time to “Go Walkies, Dad.” We did the final walk around of the day stopping to smell the roses or whatever it is that dog’s smell, every two steps. Consequently, we do not cover a lot of ground while we are out but that is not the purpose at this campground as there are no trails. The success of each walk is measured in terms of them doing their business especially Mikey as he is prone to “accidents” in the RV. 

We returned to Quatro and sat outside for quite a while enjoying the peace and quiet which was occasionally broken by the sounds of other campers and their kids having fun mixed in with the bark of their dogs. I listened to an Audiobook and the story was bit of a stretch but as it is only a 6-hour book, I am determined to stick it out to the bitter end. 
We finally adjourned back inside for the usual evenings repast of food and television. 

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