We had a good night’s sleep and woke up at a respectable hour (for us) before taking that first walk of the day. It was still relatively cool outside and the first thing I noticed when I opened the door was that we were alone, again. My next three neighbors who had arrived as a group had all packed up and left early leaving us all by ourselves as the neighbors on the other side had also left yesterday. I do not mind being secluded as I am always worried that my TV at night, bothers others close by. I do not go to bed until midnight and sit with the remote in my hands controlling the sound as the stupid music grows louder. I have complained many times before aloud why the producers think it necessary to include music in the quiet places which always rises to a loud tempo as the drama unfolds. Certainly not made for RV’ers. 

When we were walking last evening, a couple of the men had been working on levelling the Class C, a part of that group. Seems strange to bother with it knowing they were pulling out the next day. Maybe the fridge did not work is why they fussed with it as it had been sitting there for 4 days. I also noticed on our walk that a couple of other RVs have left and the place is beginning to look a bit empty with just us “regulars” in our row.  

Back in Quatro, I made breakfast which at least, I enjoyed. Who knows about the dogs as they did their usual thing. I sat and wrote keeping the blog updated writing and posting on a regular routine. I started thinking about us RV’ers in general and the 3 that had left this morning. They came as a group and mixed in their activities both during the day and in the evenings playing horseshoes and other games. Obviously, friends who do this often. Other than groups like them, most of us keep ourselves to ourselves except for the usual hello’s when we see each other. Very rarely do I strike up a conversation unless someone needs help and neither do others with me. I usually complement an owner if they have a nice rig or make a fuss of their dogs and such, but it ends at that. Are we all such a special breed that is comprised of self-isolationists? More to think about… 

I had to change the location of the plug that powers the toaster and all-important coffeemaker as the fuse appears to have tripped for some reason. No big deal except I cannot locate anything resembling a fuse panel anywhere. I even went online to no avail and as a last resort, contacted my salesperson to see if he can help. He responded and gave me the number of the service area who told me that I should look for a GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter) switch on one of the outlets somewhere. He did not know exactly where to look as the models are different. I thanked him and started searching around and managed to locate what I was looking for in the bathroom of all places. I reset it and we have power again. It is trivial things like this that are both interesting and frustrating at the same time, but I learned something new and that by itself, is an achievement at my age. 

I made an exception to my unwritten rule of not watching television thru the day because as I was scrolling through the news items, I came across one that said one of my favorite teams, Manchester United, had lost to Brentford by a score of 4-0. I could not believe this and just had to watch the game to see for myself. The score was correct and deservedly so as Man U played very poorly. 

We went out for another walk and just wandered around the park. The only activity was at the pool as several of the Hispanic workers were enjoying themselves after their days labor. We returned to Quatro and sat outside listening to an Audiobook accompanied by one of the little bottles of wine and I mean little. The Audiobook story is not particularly good, but it is one of the short ones, so I plan to stick it out to the end.  

Deciding that the evening was drawing to a close, we walked around one more time before adjourning back inside for the evening meal where I watched my other most favorite team, Brighton and Hove Albion or the Seagulls as they are known, managed to tie with Newcastle in a close fought game. My Great, Great Grandson, Solly March, played exceptionally well and the announcer mentioned that he has been with the Brighton club for 11 years, a long time by modern standards. That includes time growing up through the Brighton Youth system before turning pro. Go Solly. 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual way. 

Written 08/14/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com 

Ozark Country RV Park, Branson, MO Day 21 Sunday 08/14/2022

There were no surprises when we got up this morning. No one had moved out or arrived in the early hours. We went out for the all-important, first walk of the day and wandered around wherever both dogs took us. First one would smell something interesting, and we would get dragged in that direction. Then, the other would discover another yet more interesting smell and off we go in the other direction. It is all fun and all I do besides picking up their poop in the little plastic bags I buy for such occasions, is gently nudge them in the general direction we need to go. After all, we are walking for them, not me although I need the exercise as much as they do. I noticed my new neighbor outside as we walked by and I stopped to say, “Good Morning” and then inquired if my TV was too loud. He assured me that they do not hear it which made me feel much better. He did not appear to want to hold a conversation and we adjourned to the RV for breakfast and coffee. 
After breakfast, I did the usual checking emails, responding to a couple and trashing the rest before turning my attention to the blog. I posted the latest one or at least prepared it to post but it is the weekender where I try to post both Saturday and Sunday on the same blog. Even so, I am falling behind again and will need to post a couple more doubles this coming week to play catch up otherwise, my friend BJ will get on to me about the age of the posts.  

I had been keeping an eye on the washroom and decided to do a load of laundry. I gathered everything up and put it in the Jeep along with the outside trash bag as the dumpsters are also close by and drove over. There were a man and a woman already there holding a conversation that although I did not want to be a part of, could not help to hear what they were talking about. Apparently, they were exchanging their own individual version of trips to the hospital both having had heart attacks. I got on with the laundry trying hard not to hear what they said but they were at each end of the room so I could not help but listen.  

I had to exchange dollar bills for the tokens and the change machine kept on spitting out my dollars. Just would not take them and the next bill I had was a $20.00. It gobbled that up and spat out 80 tokens. With the washer doing its thing, I drove over to the office and asked to exchange most of the tokens for dollar bills. At first, the clerk was very reluctant to do it, but she made a call and got permission and I walked out of there with $14.00 in bills and enough tokens for this wash and one more before we leave. 

By this time, I figured that the wash was done and walked back over to the Laundry Room and put everything in the dryer which took another 40 minutes. In the meantime, sat with the dogs before heading over with the last trip, folded the laundry and came back to Quatro. I quickly put the laundry away and as I had my outdoor shoes on, took the dogs out walking. On the way, I stopped to chat to a couple with a Class A who were in the process of attaching their Magna Shield covers to the front of their RV windows. These covers and others like them, I had looked at when we were in Henly but had not gone ahead and purchased them because I did not want to drill into the RV. These were all magnetically attached, and I stood and watched as the owner installed the front and two side window covers in no time flat. He told me that he had installed everything himself and the inside magnets are held on by a glue backing and extremely easy to install. I thanked them both for their information and after having gotten the details from them, we went on our way. 

Back in Quatro, I immediately looked up the information under Magna Shield and found the exact product. They are not cheap at almost $700.00 but after the miserable time we had at Henly, would be well worth it. Something to think about. Maybe a side trip to their factory in North Carolina? No, way too far off the planned trip. 

We sat and listened to an Audiobook, and I found myself nodding off to sleep so we harnessed up and went out for the final walk of the day. The walk was uneventful, but it was too hot and humid to sit outside as we sometimes do. Back inside, it was food all around followed by the usual food, drinks, and television. 

Written 08/14/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com