It was still raining when we awoke although just a gentle drizzle. Nothing compared to last night’s storm which was a real doozy. We harnessed up and the first thing was to check Quatro for any damage and as there did not appear to be any, we went out for the walk. I noticed that my neighbors to my right had already pulled out. This is the second or third time this has happened when RVs parked right next to us have moved without me knowing or hearing them pack up. Usually, because I am sleeping but even so, you would think I or even the dogs, would hear something. Maybe, RVs are more soundproof than given credit for or there again, it could be because I do not have my hearing aids in when I sleep, and I am pretty deaf without them…

We made friends with a little dog taking its master out for a walk. Well, Sandy sort of made friends while Mikey hid behind me as usual. I chatted to the puppy’s owner who had already told us the dog was 11 months old and was a Goldendoodle. Sure, was a cute little guy. We continued the walk for a bit before returning to Quatro for breakfast which the dogs, as usual, ignored. They only want what I eat and that is not going to happen. 
With the weather outside gloomy, we did our usual morning ritual of reading and trashing emails, unscribing from as many as I could from companies trying to sell me stuff that I have absolutely no use for or Associations that I do not wish to join and have no interest in. It is a gloomy sort of a day, very overcast with the promise of more rain. It has cooled down and the outside temperature is currently at 67 degrees with a high forecast of 75 degrees. Quite a contrast from a couple of weeks ago. Fall is definitely here at least in Branson, MO 

I spent time on RV Trip Wizard looking for the next stop and researched a lot of campgrounds both yesterday and today. I always read the revues to see if they have what I am looking for. Some are instantly discarded for various reasons. Others are marked as interesting, and I called a couple whose answering machines said they would get back to me. 

We went out again to wander around and chatted to a couple of other campers before returning for the usual evening repast. 

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