Another veiw of the park.

We all slept really well with me waking to the call of Nature. I took the opportunity of being up to stay out of bed and showered, shaved and shampooed with a clean set of clothes, ready to face another of the hard days that we have to put up with. Our walkabout was as interesting as they usually are watching and listening to the other campers as they walk by. One young couple reminded me of a TV series I have been watching with the tall muscular, shirtless and well-built man arguing and chastising his significant other, wife, girl friend or whoever she was and telling her that he did not mind her buying or spending her own money, but she had to ask him first. They walked the park for two entire loops, and I could hear him going on and on for almost the entire two circumferences of the campground. Wonder why she puts up with it especially if maybe they are not married? Then, what do I know as I do not have a wife/girlfriend/significant other problem unless you count the dogs, and they are easily mollified with either a treat or a walk or just by me making a fuss of them. Incidentally, I think I have already mentioned that a lot of the Tiny Houses hold Hispanics and other young people that work in Branson and are bussed in, two or three times a day by a van driving service. 

The Park staff worked on cutting back the branches and growth that had expanded into the empty campsite next to me to make it safer for the next RV that came in. They finished the work and moved on and I was sitting inside writing when the Jackdaws, Ravens or Crows or whatever the proper terminology is for these large, black birds, started making an awful racket calling to one another. Maybe they were complaining about their woods getting cut to pieces. Then I heard them on the roof and went out to shoo them off and met my next-door neighbor. She had come out to see what the racket was, and we got to talking. We chatted about RV’s as they have a very nice Class A which she said is a 2010 model and that they are here permanently as their travelling days are over. Both her and her husband are not in good health. I commented on the fact that their Class A RV is an expensive way of staying anywhere permanently and she said that they have been thinking of a permanently parked 5th wheel which would be ideal for them. 

Back inside of Quatro, I researched the next campground and decided to go literally in a different direction and managed to find one which had the space for me to register. So now we are all set for the next move tentatively for 11 days but maybe longer if I like the new site. My pleasure is not in the driving as the driver does not have the time to sightsee as a passenger would, getting only fleeting glances of things as they flash by. What I like is in staying at the different campgrounds, meeting new people and exploring new sights.  

The little white cat showed up again and is probably from the houses the other side of the woods. It is very skittish and dashed off when I brought out a bowl of food for it but when I peeked out, it had returned to eat. I know that a lot of people travel with cats as their pets, but I have not done that yet. The last two cats I had, died several years ago. Besides, the dogs are too possessive to share both me and the space. A while later, a different and this time, a black cat with one white spot on its chest showed up. This one is not as timid as the white cat, and I almost got to touch it before it headed for cover. True to form, I brought out some food and left it and it too disappeared. 

The rest of the afternoon was spent writing before harnessing up for another walkabout. We wandered around chatting to whoever we met and wanted to talk. Most campers may say “good morning,” but not all of them want to spend time talking. It is actually quite pleasant walking now, even in the sun as it has cooled off considerably. Back at Quatro, we sat outside and listened to the end of yet another Audiobook. This one was different and sounded more like the soundtrack from a TV show not narrated like most Audiobooks are. I think I prefer the narrated style over this new one with all of its sound effects. Must have been one of the freebies as I never buy an Audiobook unless it has at least 8- 9 plus hours of listening. 

Back inside of the RV, we finished the evening off in the usual fashion. 
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Ozark Country RV Park, Branson, MO Day 26 Friday 08/19/2022

More of the park.

The squirrels were busy tap dancing on the roof which woke me up. Got my own living alarm clock with them but I wonder how I set the proper time for them to start dancing? Better stick with the old fashioned alarm clock for the few times we set the alarm, usually only on moving day. 

We wandered around and said “Good Morning” to the labradoodle who was also out walking. As we approached the pool, one of the groundskeepers who had been weed whacking along the drainage ditch, pulled up in his 4-wheeler to tell me that I had some mail to pick up. I thanked him and we headed to the Office where I stood outside to make myself visible as dogs are not allowed inside. The clerk saw me and brought me out a small parcel and asked me about a dollar that she owed from not making the correct change for ice. I told her it was not me as I did not buy any ice and thanked her for the package, and we went back to Quatro. 

The small box held some medication that I had ordered for which I was grateful it had arrived before we move on. I fed the dogs with the usual result, before preparing to feed myself. For some reason, I did not place the milk container under the coffee spout and turned it on to do other things. When I turned back, there was hot steaming milk everywhere and I realized what I had not done. I perform this same ritual every morning and this is the first time I have messed up. Cussing and swearing out loud, which did nothing to help the situation but did make me feel better, I cleaned up the mess from the countertop, coffee machine, cabinet and floor before starting over with remaking the Latte. Damn, I am losing it…. 
With the place cleaned up and my fried egg (fried in the microwave) sandwich on a plate in front of me along with a watered-down latte as I reused the coffee grounds, bad mistake, I sat down to read the day’s news which as usual, is so depressing. I read about individuals shooting or beating up on one another and other random acts of violence and wonder if the world was always like this, but we just never heard about it. Nowadays, with the age of the computers and lightning-fast means of communication, we get to hear a lot more stories about this sort of thing than from years ago. Maybe they happened but were kept local. On the other hand, this country and maybe the World, is changing as parental discipline begins to fall away and kids learn about and practice violence at an early age. The one thing that really puzzles me is why these individuals have so little self-control that they allow it to happen. They must know there are consequences. Maybe, this is how the World as we know it will end, as people turn on each other. What a gloomy thought but well within the boundaries of possibility. At least, it will not happen in my lifetime. 

I answered emails and trashed most of them as I am currently getting bombarded by companies trying to sell me things that I am not interested in. They are very tenacious and even though I unscribe, they keep on coming. On the ones that are obviously fakes, I do not even unscribe for fear of getting a bug in my computer. The down side of the Internet. The last time that happened, it cost me $790.00 to clean the computer and rescue the contents. Why not just buy a new computer you may well ask, and the answer is that I would lose everything on the hard drive as it could not be transferred without shipping over the bug. 
I turned my attention to the blog catching up from yesterday and starting today. Some days are so quiet, nothing exciting or of interest happens. Other days like today, I already wrote half a blog, and it is only 12:00 am. I had some small projects to do around the RV which I took care of and then decided that another walk was called for. We wandered around the park and chatted to a couple of the campers before returning to sit outside and listen to an Audiobook for a couple of hours. It was very pleasant just sitting around especially as my neighbor had pulled out giving us more space and a better view. 

We took one more walk before adjourning back inside for the usual meal and the evening’s entertainment.  

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