What can I say…

I had really bad dreams in the night and was thrashing around and kicking out at whatever was attacking me. The dogs either usually take to the hills or climb up onto the pillows to get out of my way and I spent time in calming both myself and them down before we were able to drop back off to sleep. My fear is that I will harm them in my wild defense of whatever is attacking me. I have no idea why I have these occasional nightmares as I live a very quiet life. There is probably some Freudian reason for it. Maybe my mother dropped me on my head when I was a baby or that I have secret thoughts about women or worse yet, that I am a fearless fighter getting into all kinds of trouble defending some maiden’s honor. Probably none of those but something I ate before going to bed. Or the glass of wine, darn it… 

We went out walking around and it was nice and cool. The temperatures have dropped into the high 70’s to mid 80’s and it is much nicer to walk around even with the sun shining. The campground was quiet with little activity and when we arrived back at Quatro, the little white kitty was there to greet us. That is until he saw the dogs and then he retreated to a safe distance. I fed him again and tried to entice him to come in. He climbed the steps and stuck his head in but would not come in all the way. Probably was aware of the dogs. That and his natural fear of humans. I will keep working on him, but we are running out of time. 

I sat and did the usual news and email thing with nothing of major importance in either cases or at least that I could influence in any way before turning my attention to the blog. I had some problems with the headings out of order and had to go back and make corrections which brought us back into sync and then thought about what I should do the rest of the day. I have thought about doing the laundry tomorrow, so I decided to go to Walmart’s to stock up on a few things. I want to be ready to break camp and move to pastures new which includes food to eat when we get there. 

Like I commented in an earlier post, this Walmart’s is absolutely huge, and I walked around as much as I could. I did not walk the women’s or kids’ sections as there are nothing of interest in it for me. I managed to take a few more pictures of the weird and wonderful sights in this city and I thought about a Starbucks and decided against it not wanting to follow the twists and turns of this strange place. Incidentally, it is only strange to me because it is one huge entertainment center and I have never seen any other city or town, like it. I wonder how they get the patronage to stay open although, the parts that are not show places are either shops catering to everyone’s wishes or Hotels and Motels for them to sleep. Obvious that the entire town is centered around tourism. I have never seen anything like it, anywhere else. 

Back in Quatro, the dogs helped to put the groceries away as they usually do and then I harnessed them up and we walked around for a bit. Nothing much was going on around the park except when I walked past the pool which was occupied by a bunch of teen-age kids, all having a good time. They were supervised by an older lady and her friend, probably someone’s Mother. She caught sight of a group of the Hispanic males watching and she lit into them, telling them to look the other way as “these are teen-age girls”. Needless to say, the boys did just that and quickly moved away as did I not wanting to be classified as a peeping Tom or maybe worse, a pervert and all I was doing was walking the dogs and not even close to the pool. 

We sat outside and listened to an Audiobook just relaxing the coolness as the evening slowly crept in. We went out for one more walk around before returning for the usual evening’s entertainment. The little white kitty showed up again and has the most plaintive meow way too hard to resist. I fed it again and it hung around for a bit, but I still cannot get close to it. It looks like it will need to find another camper to mooch off when we pull out. 

Written 08/22/2022. Read my other blogs at https://pondblog2011.com 

Ozark Country RV Park, Branson, MO Day 30 Tuesday 8/23/2022

More of the same…

No dreams last night. Just a peaceful night’s sleep. So peaceful in fact that we did not wake up until a little after 10:00 am. So, what, I’m retired. I took a shower and a change of clothes, and we went out walking the park and managed to cover a half mile. When we got back, I had a couple of outside chores to do, one of which was to repair one of the bird feeders where the squirrels had chewed a hole in the plastic. Again, duct tape to the rescue. Wonderful stuff, duct tape… 

I fed the little white kitty who was making such a plaintive wail and the only way to shut him up was with food.  Clever cat! I am close enough to it now to give it a quick stroke but only briefly and I noticed that it is probably a Persian mixed with a ginger cat. Definitely has the Persian eyes. I would bet, that given enough time, it could be gentled enough to live indoors although we do not have that sort of time.  

I had already decided that I was going to do laundry and gathered everything up. I drove the Jeep over as I wanted to empty the outside trash container at the same time, and I could not carry both the laundry bag and the trash bag. I started the laundry and drove back knowing that I had time for breakfast while it washed before I went back to put it in the drier. This time, I walked the 50 yards to the laundry room, placing everything in the drier. I had made sure that I had enough tokens from the last wash for this one. A couple of young female Hispanics walked in and said hello as they went about doing their laundry. 

Back in Quatro, I finished breakfast and drank the lukewarm coffee, too lazy to heat it up. I enjoyed it anyway and it hit the spot although I did not notice any sudden rush of energy and such. Probably I have drunk so much coffee in my lifetime that I am immune to any caffeine effects and now, it is just a habit. When I figured that the laundry was dry, I walked back over to the washroom and started to fold it. I heard a car siren going off and looked out the door and saw that it was the Jeep. Probably the little kitty had jumped on the roof, setting it off as that is where I saw him sleeping, yesterday. I finished folding the laundry and all the time, the horn was blaring away until I walked back and shut it off. 

Back inside of Quatro, I remade the bed with the clean covers. It is not too bad doing this as there is enough room to get around the bed and I can reach every part of it. Not like a couple of the other RV’s I have owned where bedmaking was a real chore. I put the clean clothes neatly away in their individual drawers. No one can say I am a slob although, the table I use as a desk is bit crowded. Still, for all my neatness, I cannot find anything when I need it. Too many drawers and cupboards and way too much small stuff. Maybe I need to label the drawers and boxes and such. 

Another RV pulled in alongside of me and it looks like our period of being alone is coming to an end. Does not matter much as we are leaving in a couple of days. I thought about getting out to help but they seemed to have it under control with the wife as the backup assistant on a walkie talkie. It took several attempts to get the trailer into the space as the trailer is long, and the space is tight, but they finally managed it. Offering help is a bit of a quandary. Some people, especially if they are driving alone, are very grateful to have another set of eyes to help back into a parking spot which is usually the most help that anyone needs. Setting up is straightforward unless the site is very uneven and requires a lot of blocking. Then again, help is very useful as the RV’s wheels have to be set on blocks which is much easier with a spotter. I know there have been more than a few times when I wish that I had help. Backing up, getting out and checking, backing and adjusting and getting out again and more checking, gets really old, really quick. Incidentally, getting out of Quatro is not like getting out of truck or a car as the entry door is not found by the driver’s side steering wheel but back halfway along the RV on the opposite side of the coach. Many Class A’s do not have front doors, neither driver nor passenger and my Jayco happens to be one of those. There are other brands that do have drivers doors of course especially the longer and more expensive models.  

I wrote for a while and then we harnessed up and took another walk checking on the RV’s that have arrived and saying hello to all and sundry. Back at Quatro, I fed the little white cat again before we sat outside and listened to an Audiobook for a couple of hours. It was cool and peaceful just sitting there. Eventually, we adjourned back inside for the rest of the evening. 

Written 08/23/2022. Read my other blogs at https://pondblog2011.com