One of the decorated yards

I got up late and it was almost 10:00 am before I rolled out of the sack. I must have been tired to sleep so late. The dogs made no effort to get up so they must have been just as tired as I was. We wandered around the park enjoying the shade as the sun was already hot and we covered around a half mile. There were a few people sitting outside or cooking breakfast. There are a lot of full-time residents here and some of the RV’s are showing their age. Not trashy looking but more like not aging well. There are also several that do not look occupied and are just sitting there. Maybe weekenders with permanently parked RV’s. Many sites are doubles with RV’s parked nose to tail, each with their own separate hook ups but not a lot of space from your neighbors. Our site is one of those except that currently, there is no one else in the other spot. The park is built in layers on the side of a hill and the sites have been bulldozed out and levelled. From where we are parked, the lowest RV, which is four rows down the hill, I can just see the top of their roof. Must have been fun parking some of them as they are mostly big 5th wheels or coaches that are no longer driven. Still, once they are parked, that is where they are going to stay. Not like us, constantly on the move. Well, we would be if it were not for the pending repairs which is currently an unknown factor. 

On our drive down to the lake yesterday, I passed a storage area that had a Class A sitting in it which looked OK from one side. When I drove back, I could see that it had tremendous damage to the other side with the entire side torn away and furniture and mattresses poking out of it. Wonder what the story is behind it. Maybe, I don’t want to know… 

I contemplated going into the nearest Walmart’s but decided against it as it is Sunday and I want to combine trips and visit the Jeep dealership at the same time. I also need to stop by Camping World and make an appointment to get the estimate to repair Quatro, so it looks like I have something to do for a couple of days, next week. Not really the sort of things I want to do, though. 

We went out for another walk-about covering the roads that are our trails. At least, it is decent walking most of the time. When we came back, we sat for a while just enjoying the outdoors and listening to a Jack Ryan story on Audiobooks for about an hour and then went walking again. It is still a bit humid, and I managed to sweat up a storm even though we were in the shade most of the time. Altogether, we covered 1.5 miles and have brought out distances up by quite a bit than from the last campground. 

I was looking at a posting on RV Blogger and it just happened to be about the Blue Ox tow bar which is the one we have. I found it interesting because I met some of the same problems that they described. I could not resist and had to add my five cents worth in their comment section. 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual fashion, food all around and then watching my two favorite football teams, English style, win their respective games. 

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Monte Ne RV Park, Rogers AR, Day 5 Monday 08/29/2022

Lots of imagination

We did the usual morning thing, sleeping late, walking the dogs and then breakfast before settling in to read the emails with the usual results. Amazing the stuff some people write and expect others to actually read. I got bored with it all and decided to go into Camping World in Lowell about a 6-mile journey. They are the ones that will assess the damage to the RV and maybe do the repair. Another reason to take the car in first was to see what sort of a trip it would be for the RV. As it turned out, it was uneventful and quite straightforward with no fear of road closures or narrow twisty lanes. I found someone in authority that could help me and set up an appointment for tomorrow. I also inquired about a Blue Ox towbar to replace the damaged one on the RV, but they do not carry them in stock and will have to order one from the Manufacturers which will take about 3 weeks or so, something else to add into our plans. 

I drove over to the nearest Walmart’s, another gigantic store, and wandered around although I pretty much knew what I wanted as I had a list! I stocked up on wine just in case we end up in a dry county. Heck, you never know. Prior to that, this Walmart’s has a hairdresser and much to my delight, I was their only customer and sat down in the chair. My hairdresser was a sweet young thing who did her best to cut it just how I wanted it although it is hard to screw up a short back and sides and trim the sideburns, please. She kept me amused for the fifteen minutes she took to cut it and I made sure that I left her a good tip not only because my hair was short(er), but she obviously enjoyed her work. 

I paid the bill and walked out to be confronted by a passing rain shower accompanied by loud claps of thunder and by the time I had unloaded my cart, I was soaked even with poncho on that I had grabbed from the car. The drive back was very slow and luckily the wipers were working although it was so dark, that I inadvertently opened the sunroof to let in more rain while I was fiddling around and then couldn’t figure out how to close it. Incidentally, the suspension on the Jeep is nonexistent and I could feel every bump and stone in the road. It absolutely poured down and it was a slow drive back as it was almost like driving at night in the rain. 

By the time we arrived back at the campground, it had stopped raining, thank goodness although, by then, I was already soaked. I got plenty of help unloading the groceries as usual and just as I was getting ready to take the dogs walking, two large dogs came running up barking up a storm. I at once put Sandy and Mikey back inside of Quatro and turned to face the two dogs, both large and aggressive and very noisy. We had a bit of a confrontation, and they made several passes at me as though to bite before eventually, turning tail and running off to a different part of the park. By now, the owner who had just moved into the tent camping area showed up and managed to collect them taking them back to his area. We had a bit of a shouting match, but he really doesn’t have a leg to stand on as all outside dogs have to be always on a leash. I feel sorry for the dogs as all they have is a large tent and the car and they ended up in the car. If Management finds out, he will be asked to leave after being given a warning. After all, they cannot afford to have dog attacks as they could get sued. 

We went out for that last walk of the day and made sure to walk in the opposite direction to the other dogs just in case they might be loose. I managed to cover a couple of miles with the added walk around Walmart’s. At least here, we are getting in our mile plus more on a regular basis. Back in Quatro, it was the usual meals and entertainment although I did go to bed a bit earlier knowing that I needed to get up early for that 10:00 am appointment 

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