Downhill. There are 4 roads like this

I got up early knowing that today was going to be a busy day. We went out for a walk around the park and met our Neighbor with the noisy dogs and we stopped to talk for a bit. One of them had wandered off and he was trying to find it. He seems like a nice guy. We moved on with our walk before returning for the usual start to all our days. 

I got a phone call that the tow truck was on the way and before long, there was a knock on my door, and I went out to greet the AAA Tow Truck driver. We chatted for a bit, and he got to work trying to get the Jeep started. After trying everything he knew, he gave up and called for a tow truck. He left and about an hour later, a tow truck pulled up, this time a flatbed truck whose intentions were to load the Jeep up onto it. In order to do this, the tow driver had to put the Jeep transmission in neutral just as I do when I am towing, but because the engine would not start, was unable to do so. 

He worked for a bit trying different things and then made the call, this time for a bigger tow truck. He left and an hour later, the third tow truck showed up. This was a little bigger unit, but he still went through the same routines as the other two drivers. He had no better luck than those other two so eventually, he hooked the Jeep up behind his truck and off he went. Before he left, we took off the carrier that is sort of permanently mounted on the back of the Jeep which I use to transport the wicker couch and chair. 

After he was gone, I took the Blue Ox towbar off the RV and will need to find a place to dispose of it as it is bent and useless. I hooked the carrier back onto the RV as we will be moving in a few days and need both a place to carry the unit plus something to carry the wicker couch. I will need to buy another Blue Ox towbar before we move from our next site although I do have some time to do that. We are booked in for a month at a place called Southgate RV Park in Fayetteville so that hopefully, the Jeep will be repaired in that time. 

With this done, we headed back indoors out of the warm sun to write for a bit, as we wait for the outcome at the repair place which will not be today. 

Written 07/31/2022. Read my other blog at