Today is our last full day at this park before we move on tomorrow. We are only travelling about 30 miles to Southgate RV Park in Fayetteville, and I would not have moved if this park had been able to accommodate us. But needs must and we are still close enough to the Jeep if and when it eventually is repaired and drivable. 

We went out for the morning walk with Sandy trying to make friends with a couple of smaller dogs walking their owner. There was not a lot of activity around the park, but we managed to cover a half mile before returning to Quatro. Incidentally, yesterday, I walked 2.3 miles what with the back and forths to the laundry room. 

After breakfast, I worked on the blog and then made some phone calls. The new tow bar is in, and I asked if it could be delivered which they agreed to do. I do not need it yet as the Jeep is still in the shop but good to have it available when the time comes. Now, everything depends on the Jeep and if they can get it running although that does not stop us from moving tomorrow. 

I worked on the usual preparation work that we routinely do when we move. Things like folding the outdoor carpet and putting it and the corresponding weights that I use to hold it down into their respective places. Sad that the weights I used to use when I worked out all of the time are now used to hold down the outdoor carpet. Oh welI… I also did some of the small things like taking the covers off the tires and removing the chocks which are just a safety precaution although on some sites that slope a lot, they are a necessity. Now, all we must do outside is disconnect the hoses and electricity, lower the jacks, and pick up the levelling blocks and we will be ready to go. The gentleman from Scotty’s RV stopped by and delivered the new towing arm. He took the old one away with him for which I was incredibly grateful as it was just taking up space and adding weight. I left the new one in the box, not having any use for it until the Jeep is repaired.  

I went back inside to work on the blog and could not find my glasses anywhere. Prior to this, I had bagged up the trash ready to take it to the dumpster the next time we go walking. I searched and searched and, in the end, had to go through the bagged trash, piece by piece just in case. Needless to say, it was not in any of those bags, and I was glad to finish with that disgusting job but still did not have the glasses. I turned the RV upside down looking in every conceivable place and as a last resort, looked in the new trash bag that I had put up after discarding the full ones and there they were. Somehow, I had managed to knock them off the countertop and into the trash bag. Lesson learned, put them somewhere safe next time. 

The RV is ready to move with everything put away and the last of the usual outside work will not happen until we do the actual move. All the restraining bars are in place in the cabinets except for the refrigerator, only a 2-minute job and what little is left will happen when we pull in the slides. It sounds like a lot of work but after a couple of trips, I have learned what is likely to move around. On one trip, the refrigerator door popped open, and cans and stuff were rolling around all over the floor even under my feet as I drove. As I could not pull over, it stayed like that for the rest of the trip. Incidentally, one thing I have discovered when driving an RV is that rest stops or just places to pull off the road are very few and far between even on the Interstates and major highways. In a town unless it is a large store with a big parking lot, pull off places are even harder to find. You cannot exactly parallel park a big RV into a normal parking place on a street especially if towing the Jeep and as I have learned at my expense, cannot back up at all while the Jeep is connected. 

I finished writing as much as I could and we went out for the afternoon walk heading to the dumpster on the way with our large bag of trash. Glad to get rid of that one after having to sort through it looking for the glasses. Never knew how disgusting my own trash can be…Back at the RV, we sat outside and listened to an Audiobook for about an hour before going for yet another stroll around the park. This is, after all, the last evening walk we will take here. I did a couple more things around the RV before we stopped for the day and went inside for the usual evening meal. 

So ends our stay here at this park. 

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