The campground from the end of the field.

We slept very well and awoke at a somewhat reasonable hour, for us, before heading out for that first walk of the day. We aimlessly wandered around the park and the field going this way and that as first Sandy and then Mikey kept picking up those interesting smells each dragging us to where it came from. While we were out there, two flocks of gees flew over honking all the time, heading South for the winter but did not land as the earlier flocks had done. I should write “Gaggle”, but it is such a strange word, and I am not sure how many people know that is what a gathering of geese is called.  

Back in the RV following the usual breakfast which I ate but the dogs ignored, as usual, I had some chores to do, all part of living in an RV and then cleaned and tidied up inside. We do not need a dirty or dusty RV as it is our home, and we live in it full time. Untidy is OK but dirty is a definite no-no. 

I sat down in front of the computer and trashed most of the emails before turning my attention to the blog. I wrote for a bit and posted the latest one to the website adding a couple of pictures of the campground. My phone rang and it was the body shop giving me an update on the Jeep. Good news and bad news as it turned out. They have discovered why it will not start as the harness has several severed wires and needs to be replaced. All the other work is just straightforward body or replacement work, and the Manager said that depending on the parts availability, it might be ready by October 13, hopefully my lucky day. I thought about it and then called Jerry, the Park Owner and explained the situation. He did not think it would be a problem for me to stay longer and to keep him informed. It will cost extra to stay and probably more expensive as it will be on a daily or maybe weekly rate.  Thankful that we still had a resting place for the foreseeable future, as one campground is as good as the next, sort of, although I do not want to be here in November when winter arrives. We are only about 550 miles from Henly and could make that in a week if we need to as I want to be back there for Dec 1. It has kind of put a dent, timewise in our exploration and sampling of new and different campsites in other parts of the country. There is always next year. Incidentally, Fed-Ex delivered a package of mail that I had paid to have sent on from my Mail Box Company. I have tried to limit what is forewarded and have cancelled periodicals and magazines at least as much as I was able. There are always some letters from insurance companies and such that I need sent to me.. 

We went out for a walk and wandered around the mowed field that borders on the houses that are at the bottom end. I looked up and we had the company of a long-haired large dog with beautiful blue eyes who appeared to be a Golden Retriever and luckily, was very friendly. Even Mikey was restrained, and the dog went with us on the walk before returning to one of the forementioned houses. Glad he did as I really do not need to adopt another dog, especially a large breed one. We continued in the other direction heading back to the RV to write some more as it was early afternoon and still too hot to sit outside. It is much cooler here compared to Texas with the daytime temperature in the low 80’s and overnight temps in the 60’s. No wonder I needed that extra blanket. Incidentally, the new fan is working out just fine and is better than the old one, before it was damaged, at keeping the front of the RV cool. What it actually does is keep the hot air from the front windows from spreading, acting as a barrier between it and the rest of the coach. I have discussed this problem before in earlier blogs. 

We returned to writing and working on the few pictures that I have recently taken and then went out for the final walk of the day. The goal is to cover a minimum of a mile every day and the more the merrier. I can really increase those stats when I shop at Walmart’s. This time, we walked the entire circumference of the field which measures up to almost ¾ of a mile. The park is empty with about 25 RVs of all shapes and sizes that are left. There are two “permanent” areas, the one we are in and on the opposite side of the field where there is another row with several different roads intertwining around the temporary areas. We wandered around and then adjourned back to Quatro where we sat outside and listened to an Audiobook until it was time to go inside for the evening. 

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