We got up at a reasonable hour and as we usually do, went out for the first walk of the day. Another flock of geese flew over but did not stop and they were followed by three straggler’s who did touch down in the same field. They stayed a while before continuing presumably to catch up with the main flock. They are noisy things as they continuously honk as they fly. Funny, but the dogs ignore them. We wandered around as usually, our first walk of the day is for the dogs to relieve themselves and for me to stretch my legs a bit so we never walk very far before returning for breakfast and coffee. I have given up feeding the dogs in the morning as they will not eat what I put in front of them. They always have hard food available, so they are never going hungry. 

I sat down to write after the usual email session that had nothing demanding my attention, thank goodness. No news is good news and all of that…We are all up to date with both posting and writing and I wrote a poem about me backing the RV into the Jeep which is currently the reason we are having to spend so much time here in Fayetteville waiting for the Jeep to be repaired. It needs to be both drivable and towable. The RV also needs work on the rear right side fiberglass, but it does not affect the driving and can be repaired later maybe when we are back in Austin. It would mean a spell in a Motel while it gets repaired, so the timing is crucial. I am still awaiting the damage report from the insurance company on the RV. 

We went out for another long walk covering the field at the bottom of the campground trying to stay in the shade of the trees on our south side as they cast the longest shadows. We managed to cover a good half mile before returning to Quatro. Back inside, I wrote some more and even composed another poem, some ridiculous thing about not being able to write poetry. I think my brain is ready to make excuses for the bad poetry that I do manage to write. I am certainly no Walt Whitman or Emily Dickenson, but it pleases me to write and that is all that really matters. Besides, it keeps my brain active which is the most important thing. 

We went out for yet another walkabout and returned to sit on the wicker couch listening to the end of the current Jack Ryan story. This one had been good and kept me interested until the very end. He is a good writer, and the storyteller had all the Irish accents and such to a tee. We sat for a while before going back inside of the RV for the usual evening’s food and entertainment. 

Written 09/14/2022. Read my other blogs at https://pondblog2011.com