The Black Kitty.

We slept through the entire night with no bathroom breaks which by itself, is an achievement and even awoke at a reasonable time, for us. I crawled out and we went out for the first walk of the day wandering around the park. It is very quiet here and all the working people have long gone to their respective jobs. There are several Hispanic construction workers living in RVs, that virtually surround my RV, who leave early and return around 6:00 pm every evening driving company vans. Still others who must have the graveyard shift, return around 11:30 am all wearing the company Tee shirts of bright green. Where would this country be without these workers as not many Americans want to do the work, they do.

We returned for breakfast and then sat around reading emails before turning to the blog. I write for a couple of reasons even if it is only a journal of my daily happenings. The main one is to keep my mind active which is so important as my brain ages. The other is to keep the creative juices flowing although I had many more followers when I wrote about ponds and fish, which can still be found in the blog listed at the bottom of the page. Still, as much as I appreciate those that do take the time to read and maybe comment, I write for my own mental health as Alsheimer’s runs in the family. Both of my siblings succumbed to the effects of this terrible disease. When I start writing gibberish then I know it is time to quit and find a hole to crawl into. Wait a minute, some of you may think it is gibberish anyway… 

We went out for another walk around the park and the field and came a across a black kitty sitting under the hedgerow. It did not move even when the dogs looked at it. I would not let them approach for fear of scaring the cat or to get into a fight with it. We moved on and as it happened, backtracked the same way we had come, and the kitty was still there. It must be used to dogs as it did not freak out. We moved on back to the RV where we sat outside and started a new Audiobook story. Around 6:00 pm, we went for another short walk saying “Hello” to a couple of other campers that we met before returning to Quatro for the rest of the evening. At least two more campers have pulled in, one towed by a Jeep the same as mine. I did not know that a Jeep was big or powerful enough to do that but admittedly, their camper is small at around 20 ft. Even so…. 

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