The beauty of a single flower

While I was watching the television last evening, I had to switch the temperature controls over to heat as it had really cooled down. I left it that way through the night and only changed it back to a/c after I got up. I cannot believe how low the temperature dropped all the way to the high fifties; would you believe. The same is forecast for the following nights with it dipping to 46 degrees next Thursday evening. Daytime highs are also on a downward plunge. Fall is moving in fast in this neck of the woods. Time to move to the warmer climes of Texas except, we are still waiting on the Jeep. 

I received a call from the bank to say they had received the returned forms and would be sending me another Bankcard shortly although it may take a week to get here. Still, things are moving in the right direction. Incidentally, the spammers are still calling me except now, I do not answer them. 

We went out walking the park for everyone to stretch their legs and do their business. The success of any walk is not measured by the distance covered but by the number of times the dogs do their business. Not all walks are considered successful for that very reason. We are not talking of the number of pees as they are way too many to count especially Sandy. That girl has a bottomless bladder. 

I worked on updating the blog and posted a couple to bring us up to date. The process is so much more complicated and frustrating compared to the ease of posting on the other computer. Everything seems to be different, and I guess, given time, I will figure it out. By then, hopefully, I will have my other computer back. I do not understand why the same program shows up differently on two different computers and just does not work the same. 

I received a call and much to my surprise, it was from Best Buy informing me that the computer was fixed and if I wanted to, I could pick it up. I did not need a second invitation and jumped in the car for the 8-mile drive to the store. I had to wait around when I got there as there was a line but before long, I was at the front and looking at the familiar shape of my own computer. Never was anyone as pleased as I was to see that friendly scratched up and well-worn familiar shape. It did not cost me anything as it was covered under the Geek Squad plan, the same one the spammers kept referring to although, theirs was make belief. I grabbed the computer and headed for the car not even stopping at Starbucks, which was just across the street, and drove back to the RV. 

I put everything to one side determined that I was not going to mess with anything for the rest of the day although I did unplug the new one and plugged in my old faithful just to boot it up and see what would come up on the screen. Much to my surprise, everything was the way it should be and like it was before the scammers got into it. With that good news under my belt, I switched it off. 

Very pleased at what I had just found out, I took the dogs walking around the park. We wandered around and what with the Walmart’s walking totaled almost 1.5 miles for the day before returning for the evening meal and entertainment. 

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