It got very cold in the night with the temperature dropping into the mid 40’s. I thought about getting up and changing the thermostat to heat but cuddled up with the dogs instead and we kept each other warm. It was even chillier when I crawled out in the morning, and I quickly shaved and put on some clothes. We went out walking and it was very pleasant outside. The sun was shining but it was not hot at all, so we wandered the field instead of staying in the shade as we normally do. We passed one gentleman who was emptying his tanks but other than that, all the working people are doing just that and the rest of us, doing what we each do. 

Following breakfast and coffee, I sat and worked on emails and then the blog. We have nothing planned and hopefully, it will be a quiet day as we have had enough excitement and worry to last a lifetime. I received a call from my Stepdaughter, Catherine, who lives in Fort Plain, New York, the town we settled in when we first came over and we had a long conversation catching up on our respective lives. It was nice to hear from her as she is a wealth of family information both here in the US and over in England. 

I wish we were travelling more and were not stuck here at this campsite waiting for the Jeep to be repaired. I feel like we are wasting time and not getting to see much of the country. This is an OK campground and is perfectly suitable for our needs and Fayetteville has all the stores that I normally frequent but even so, time is a wasting. It’s not like we have a lot of it left as sooner or later, age will catch up to me and I will have to either quit travelling and park the RV or do something else with what it left of my life. What a dreary thought. Like everyone else, I hate growing old but on the other hand, am happy to be able to do just that considering the alternatives… 

We went out for an afternoon walk and wandered the park and the field. Even though the sun was shining, it was not hot, and it was very pleasant just wandering around whether in or out of the shade. Fall is here in this part of the country. There was very little activity around the park, and we returned to Quatro to sit outside and listen to an Audiobook for about an hour before I decided that we should take another short walk. This time, we stayed in the park area and at one RV, there were two dogs, both Labs one of which wanted to make friends with Sandy. Mikey was doing his usual Mikey thing and was ready to defend her although she can more than hold her own if the need arises. Probably not against big dogs though. We walked on back to the RV only this time went inside for the rest of the evening and the usual meal and then to watch television. 

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