The houses at the bottom of the field.

It was cold enough that we had to put the heat on overnight, but I changed it back to A/C in the morning after we got up. This park is not equipped to supply Propane which means that when we run out, we either travel or maybe can get a delivery. This RV is not equipped with electric heaters although I do have portable ones I can use. 

It was tough to get out of bed as it was so warm and snuggly along with the dogs who were equally as reluctant to leave. But needs must and we crawled out to take that first walk of the day. It was very pleasant walking and we just meandered around going wherever the dogs wanted to go. I was not in any hurry because the temperatures were so mild. We eventually arrived back at Quatro, and I ate breakfast. I think I already mentioned many times, that I have given up feeding the dogs in the morning as they turn their joint noses up at the canned food probably because it does not have chicken added to it. They always have hard food available which they eat occasionally. Mikey especially when he gets excited at something he sees out of the big front window. Then he races backwards and forwards from the window to the hard food and back again talking and scrunching under his breath the whole time. Funny to watch. 

The spammers have started calling and I have blocked their numbers. I do not want to go through that again. With breakfast and coffee out of the way, I turned my attention to my ATT booster which was not working. Not being a technical whiz, I had to do some research and discovered that I needed to connect to the new banking accounts. After fiddling around and a lot of mumbling under my breath, I finally got the NetGear unit working again and now we are connected to ATT once more. This is a stronger signal than the Wi-Fi at the park which is a public service available to all campers and as most of them are, not very reliable. 

I am caught up with the blog and the most recent postings after having straightened out a scheduling mess that I created. I get the date and the posting numbers mixed up and so, post in the wrong order. I worked on things around the RV although it is pretty trouble free in terms of daily maintenance. Different story if something major breaks, quits working or just plain goes wrong. 

We went out for another walk just wandering around. We came upon a small RV that had water pouring out of it and no one home. I shut off the water and called the office to get them to call the owners and make them aware of the situation. Brings back memories of me leaving a faucet running and the grey tank filled up and overflowed through the shower drain. I too, had water all over the floor but was able to mop it up without it causing any damage. Another time, after one of our moves, I was sitting at the table and suddenly, a stream of water flowed past my feet. It was coming from the shower which had filled up the grey tank and then the shower floor before running out onto the RV floor. We had just set up and what had happened was that the Shampoo bottle had fallen off from its place while we were travelling and knocked open one of the faucet handles. This did not matter while we were not connected to city water but the minute I set up and connected, it started to flow and with me not noticing, quickly filled up the tanks and then flowed onto the floor. Lesson learned as now I make sure that the shampoo bottle is on the shower floor when we travel, and I always check the shower after I hook up at the new site. Live and learn. 

Every camper has stories like these. It is all a part of the great adventure and although worrying and maybe costly at the time, is stored away in our brains and we make sure that it does not happen again. That does not mean that things do not go wrong. Of course, they do but the things that are preventable are all filed away in our memories and hopefully recalled as needed. If you think about it, driving or towing any RV is a bit like driving through a tornado without the wind. Things are moved and jostled around all the time the RV is in motion. That is why there is a lot of preparation work before actually moving the rig, storing stuff away in different places in the hope to lessen the movement. That also includes the storage areas under the units as that stuff is also on the move and I sometimes hear thing go Klunk below decks as we are travelling. 

We finished our walkabout and returned back to Quatro and listened to an Audiobook sitting outside which was very pleasant. We sat there for an hour or so before adjourning back indoors for the rest of the evening. 

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