The Ozarks

I slept very well and awoke around 9:00 am rolling out to greet the day. After a quick shower, we went out walking the park. The owner that had the flood yesterday was sitting outside and I asked him if he had any damage. He responded that it was minimal mostly just mopping up water and thanked me for turning off his faucet, which I had mentioned that I had done after noticing the overflow. We chatted for a while and then continued our walk. Incidentally, he too is an older gentleman like me, so we have that in common. We wandered around on the roads inside the park and walked around them. I wanted to see how far we walked by just staying on the roads instead of walking the field and it works out to a half mile. Incidentally, Sandy could not understand why we did not walk the field and kept pulling and tugging trying to get me to change directions to where she wanted to go. Normally, we more or less do as she dictates but this time, I was the boss, and we went in my direction. 

Back inside, I had breakfast and the all-important coffee before settling down in front of the computer. As usual, there was only the odd email worth reading or following up on and the rest were trashed. The phone rang and I did not recognize the number and even though it did not give me a spam warning, I ignored it. I do not trust anyone anymore and if it is important, they can leave me a message. I turned my attention to the blog and started writing about the recent past events. I wish I could write about the future as I would like it to shape out. Then, the world would really be a much nicer place. But… 

There was some business, mostly money and bank related that I needed to take care of and spent time on that before turning to the blog to catch up on my writing and with that out of the way, looked around for anything else that needed my attention. Finding none, I closed the computer and as both dogs had been bugging me, we went out for a walk, much earlier than we normally do. We covered the park and the field this time. It was cool enough that we did not need to walk in the shade and wandered around all over the place. 

When we returned, I sat outside listening to a continuation of the same story that had kept me occupied these past few days accompanied by a Seltzer and a bag of chips but as there was not much shade and I was sitting in the direct sun, went back inside and continued listening in there for a couple of hours. It was very relaxing to sit and listen and keep the other thoughts away. 

We went out for yet another walk and managed to cover 1.5 miles for the day, pretty good by our standards. Gone are the days of long hikes on rough trails climbing up and down rocky paths. Nowadays, I stumble if the grass is too long or if the ground is a little uneven or maybe just a hidden depression. 

Back indoors, we did the usual evening thing of food all around and then watched the television. 

Written 09/28/2022. Read my other stories at