Quatro in the shade.

We got up at a reasonable hour, for us and after the usual morning ablutions, went out for the first walk of the day mostly just around the park. There was very little activity as the working people were already doing their thing and no one else was out and about. 

Incidentally, the Hispanic workers are back in the RVs around me after having been gone for a few days. They have replaced the crashed truck with a different one that is in good condition and actually runs although all they ever seem to do is start it up and maybe take it for a short spin before parking it again. They no longer have the strange bike that I had seen them with earlier so maybe they traded that and the crashed truck for the new one? I can always tell when it is morning as I hear their work vehicles start up. What is really annoying is that they carpool and the trucks idle for a while as they wait for each other. If I was smart, I would get up but as it is around 7:00 am, it is way too early, and I usually roll over and try to go back to sleep until what I call that reasonable hour to crawl out. Oh, the joys of being a non working man… 

The walk was no different than any others and we just wandered around before returning to the RV for the usual breakfast and coffee. I turned my attention to emails and read the few that I have in my inbox. As usual, only a couple were important, another couple were suspicious and quickly discarded and the rest were trashed. If I did not get junk mail, my inbox would probably only hold maybe 5 emails a day which would be fine by me… 

I turned my attention to the blog and completed and then posted the one from yesterday before turning to the latest one for today. I wrote for a while and decided that as it was nice and cool out, even with the sun shining bright, it was time to go out for another walk, this time we did walk the field staying on the shady side. When we got back, I debated as to sitting outside but sun was still shining on both the wicker couch and the folding chair with no place to move it into the shade. Instead, I opted to sit indoors and write for a bit. 

I wrote a poem which I thought was pretty good, all about my little dogs but when I saved it, somehow, it disappeared off the screen never to be found again. No idea what happened but it is gone. Shame as I really liked it and of course, cannot remember a single word that I wrote. 

Disgusted with my inability to retrieve the poem, we went out walking so that I could lose my frustrations. We wandered around here and there with no fixed direction depending on the whims of Miss Sandy. Mikey and I are both very well trained and wander along behind her wherever she takes us. Of course, if there is any danger at all, I take over. Back in the RV, we spent the evening in the usual way.

Written 09/30/2022 Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com