I wonder what is going through their minds…

As usual, we went out and strolled around the park enjoying the cool weather. The air has a snap to it that Fall tends to bring with the onset of the coming Winter season. Things are definitely cooling down as we move towards the end of the year, and we are at least 10 degrees cooler than my friend B.J. in Texas. We are still on hold as we wait for the Jeep to be repaired and will not be moving for at least a couple more weeks. 

On our return to Quatro, as usual, I fixed breakfast and fed the dogs some tidbits to keep them occupied and then sat in front of the computer for the usual morning experience of emails and then blog writing. For some reason, after losing the poem yesterday, the Word program is giving me trouble while I write as it keeps trying to make corrections. It is getting very frustrating as I fiddle around trying this and that in the hopes of getting it back to work properly. I like to write in Word as it normally recommends the needed corrections as we go along although I do not necessarily go along with many of the suggestions as I have my own style of writing. It is the same program that lost my poem yesterday which it is supposed to save automatically. 

I decided that I should go to Walmart’s and stock up the fridge as we have eaten a lot of the food in there. I bought a roasted chicken last time I was out a few days ago and needed salad stuff to go along with it as that is my way of eating it. The dogs love it when I do get one as they get the skin which to them is a mighty tasty snack. I usually cut it up into tiny pieces and sprinkle it on their regular dog meat which incidentally, they only eat when they are hungry. Fussy dogs… 

This Walmart’s is one of the medium sized ones, but I can still rack up my walking miles as I wander around.  I bought everything I needed and was very good as I did not add to the list, well maybe just a little bit. The cost of groceries for me as a single individual that does not eat extravagantly is steadily rising. It must be tough for those with any sized family at all. My average bill for just the staples and a couple of bottles of cheap wine is now around $200.00. I see shoppers with baskets that are piled high, so goodness knows what they are spending or how long the groceries last. 

I found the nearest Starbucks and bought a Latte to drink on the way home and the drive took about 15 minutes. I was met by the dogs who as usual, helped with the groceries. That is, if you can call sniffing each bag, helping. My freezer is full, so it is time to start eating some of the food in there, mostly breakfast stuff and of course, ice cream. 

We went out walking after waiting for Sandy to demolish one of the chewies that I gave them when I got back. Actually, it was Mikey’s chewy that she had stolen from him when he wasn’t looking. When she was done, we went out walking and I noticed the park was pretty full from when I left. The Razorbacks have a home game tomorrow which would account for it. Come Sunday, everyone will be gone… 

Back in Quatro, I decided to catch up on the blog while things are still fresh in my mind. I have discovered repercussions from the scammers, as several of my charge accounts have been frozen since we have changed bank account numbers. Now, I will need to contact those accounts and give them the new information. What a bloody drag. I hope the scammers rot in hell. I wrote for a while and then we went out for another short walkabout. 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual way. 

Written 09/30/2022. Read my other stories at https://pondblog2011.com