The extension to the Walmart’s Store

We wandered around the park as we usually do and apart one person walking her dog and another man on the roof of his RV, that was all the activity that we saw. Back in the Quatro, I fixed breakfast and coffee and gave the dogs some of my breakfast sandwich. This appeased them enough for them to go to sleep in their favorite spots. 

Turning to emails, my attention was caught by one from one of my credit card companies claiming that the account was suspended. Remembering the events before when I answered one of these similar emails. I put this one on hold and went directly to the mentioned program logging in as I usually do. Sure enough, there is nothing on the website of any such account suspension and I believed the first email to be another spam attack and quickly removed it. You just cannot be too careful. Sneaky bastards. I hate spammers with a passion. 

The rest of the emails were nothing out of the ordinary and I quickly read or trashed them before moving on to the blog. I sat and wrote for a while and then posted the latest blog after adding pictures that I had previously worked on. Both dogs were giving me “the look” so we harnessed up and wandered around for a while. It has cooled off so much that now we try to walk in the sun and avoid the shade, opposite to even last week. Fall is here and there is a forecast of overnight frosts in a couple of days. All of a sudden, Texas excessive heat is starting to look good, and I cannot wait to get back there. Even the dogs have taken to sitting in the front window where it is warm. 

Following the walk, we adjourned to Quatro and sat outside listening to an Audiobook for about an hour and then went for yet another walk before returning to the RV to watch a soccer game. When it was over a couple of hours later, we went out for the third walk of the day which of course pleased the dogs immensely. 

The evening was spent in the usual fashion. The series that I am watching, “Third Shift” must have a different writer or director as the tone has changed. Where, in the early series, there was a lot of action from the Firefighters and Medics, now it has developed into more of the individual personalities and what happens in their lives. This includes a lot of sex scenes which I find unnecessary especially when you just know that the outcome is not going to be good. Some of the writing is so obvious and way too predictable that it is starting to take the enjoyment out of what was once a good watch. Probably a desperate move by the Directors to keep their ratings. From my perspective, it has failed although I will continue to watch it. Maybe, it will improve. 

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Southgate RV Park, Fayetteville, AR Sunday Day 38 10/16/2022

RV’s come in all sizes… from this.

to this…

It was almost 10:00 am before I even woke and quickly got out to shower and face the day. First thing was to take the dogs walking and we wandered around the park as we usually do. We had a very loud and very bright thunderstorm last night with some heavy rain. At one time, the RV literally shook when a powerful gust of wind, hit it. Our walking was restricted to the drier road areas of the park. Sandy, of course, wanted to do things her way and tried to follow her nose as she usually does which includes walking in the wet grass, but a few gentle tugs here and there, kept her on the dry road. Mikey, who has the longer fur, prefers to keep his feet dry and generally, walks on the road anyway as much as possible. Totally different story when we hit the grassy field, of course but we did not walk that this morning. 

It was quiet out with a couple of the RV’ers packing their rigs getting ready to move out. I stopped to talk to one older couple who were hooking up their Jeep using the same set up that I use only they had an added rock guard to protect their Jeep. I had not seen one before and stopped to chat to them about it. We walked on after wishing them, “Safe Travels”. The rest of the walk was uneventful, and we returned for the usual breakfast and coffee. Incidentally, it has cooled off enough that I left the outside door open using the screen door to keep the inside of the RV at a comfortable temperature. Frightening how quickly the seasons change especially as immobile as we are at the present time. 

The emails were the usual collection junk, spam and trash except for just a couple of them. I wish there was a way to control all the junk ones as many do not allow me to unsubscribe, so I did not have to deal with them daily. Some, it is possible to stop but a lot of the others are just plain unwanted once in a lifetime, invasion on my privacy. So frustrating. If I did not get the junk stuff, I would probably only get a half dozen worthwhile in my inbox. Boy, I wish. 

From there, it was time to keep up with the daily news which was made up of the usual helping of violence and worldwide threats. I have to search really hard to find something good and/or entertaining. I guess, the good stuff does not make for good news reporting. I wonder what difference it would make if only good things were reported, and the bad things ignored. At least, we would all feel a little better about waking up every day. I know, I know, you cannot sweep things under the carpet and just ignore them. 

The way I see it, with the advent of the Internet and the consequences that information is freely shared between all and sundry by the same, all and sundry, the world has degenerated into online chaos. The consequences are so great that Education has suffered, and kids no longer bother to learn from their teachers or come to that, learn at all but from the gadget that is their personal Bible and source of all information, both good and bad. They can choose what to believe, or not depending on the age, mood and point of view. Accordingly, the standards of Education have also dropped with some States choosing to ignore their own past history. It is not possible to change the past as what is done, is done so the answer in some Politicians mind is to change the rules accordingly, so that segment of History is ignored and not taught. 

Accordingly, the population in general is bombarded on all sides with the same information from the Parents all the way down to the kids each believing whatever suits them the most. Where once, this was God fearing peaceful country, it has now turned into a war zone with random acts of violence occurring daily. No longer are differences solved by discussion. Now it is shoot first and ask later. What a frightening future for us all and for this country as I do not see it ever changing. Time marches on and with it, all semblance of peaceful existence even with your neighbor. In the end, it will consume us all. 

With enough gloom and doom for the day, I turned my attention what to do for the rest of the time. Blog writing is a big part of who I am and what I do with my time and quite honestly, I would probably not know how to fill my day without it and all the accompanying things like the photos I take and work on in Photoshop. Unfortunately, I no longer go on long hikes with the accompanying stories and pictures. Neither do I own the ponds and fish that were a part of my blog life even up to a couple of years ago or report on the Pond Society meetings with the accompanying movies. So now, all I can write about is my current life of living in an RV, which from time to time, is very routine and to some, very boring to read which I understand. But, we all grow old, and I am no exception to that and so my life has changed as has my blog. It is now somewhat dull reporting of how my life is now. But, at least, I still have a life that I am capable of living and faculties still good enough to exercise in writing and for that I am grateful. 

I decided to go to Walmart’s as it is close by and I needed to return, a printer ink cartridge having bought the wrong one. Of course, it did not end with the printer ink as I was out of a few other things. Still, as this Walmart’s is only a couple of miles away from the campground and all things considered, it was a cheap run this time around. I found the closest Starbucks and again, my card would not work so I had to pay cash. Stupid card. I had already reloaded it, twice and it currently has $50.00 on it but something was not working right. The drive home was short and uneventful, and I arrived back to a very warm greeting. This time, as I only had three grocery bags, I did not need any help even though the dogs offered in their own way. 

By then, it was time to go out for an early walk, and we harnessed up. We hit Hwy 71B so as to make the left turn down the road that runs parallel to the campground. The last time we did this, it was in the opposite direction, field first and then neighborhood roads ending walking along the sidewalk of Hwy 71B back to the campground. I like this walk as not only is it further than we normally cover but walking on the concrete sidewalk is much easier than on the field or around the park. So far today, I have covered 2.4 miles with one more walk to go. 

The dogs settled down in their favorite spots and I sat down in front of the computer to catch up with today’s going on. My instant recall is no longer instant and if I do not stay up to date, then all is forgotten…I spent an hour or so writing and posting and then we went out again for another stroll around the park. One gentleman was working on his rig and Sandy, being the nosy female that she is, just had to go and make friends and we got to talking. He and his wife are serious Travellers and have covered a lot of miles. We got to talking about rigs and trucks and it wasn’t long before Sandy let us know that she was bored with this conversation and that we needed to carry on walking. We wandered around for a bit more before heading back to Quatro. There is a definite coolness to the air and there are overnight frosts forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday. first of this winter. I managed to walk a total of 2.8 miles for the day.

The rest of the evening was spent on the usual fashion except that I got engrossed in the series I am watching and did not go to bed until 1:30 am. 

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