The Tyson Plant

I gotta stop watching late night/early morning television as it was almost 10:00 am before I even awoke. Still, with nothing planned for the day, it really does not matter that much. We wandered around as we usually do but the park was quiet. The air is definitely cooler, and I had to wear a shirt over my T shirt to stay warm. Not quite jacket weather but it is on the way. There is a frost forecast for this evening/tomorrow morning and I will need to disconnect the water hose after putting water in the freshwater tank, enough to tide us over for a couple of days. This is the downside of camping and why so many campers like Texas and Florida and such. Anywhere to get away from the truly cold weather. 

We wandered around and again, the park was emptying out as the campers moved on to places unknown, at least to me.  We only saw one other camper and he was on his way out on his motorcycle and returned even before we completed our wandering around. He appears to be working on something mechanical as he had his tools out by the RV. 

Back in Quatro, I made breakfast for myself which I shared with the dogs before settling down to answer the many emails that I received, junk and otherwise. I look for ones from places like my Bank and a couple of credit card companies so that I can make the necessary adjustments to the payment information because of the scammers. From emails, it was writing time which usually takes a couple of hours depending on the previous day’s events and whether I am posting or working on pictures. 

I then turned my attention to writing a letter to a Government Agency in the UK to update the bank information to continue to receive the small deposits from my years of working over there before emigrating. The damn spammers again. With the information safely gathered and printed, I made my way to a Post Office to physically mail off the letter, a couple of miles away and then to the nearest Starbuck’s. What else? 

The drive home was uneventful, and I arrived back to two very excited dogs who were ready to take me for a walk. I harnessed them up and we took the road route that we had discovered, walking even further down the road until we reached a bridge, spanning a small stream. I took a few pictures, and we made our way back until we found the end of the RV Park field which brought us back to Quatro. Altogether, we covered almost 2 miles although it seemed like it was much further. 

Because of the freezing weather we have forecast for the next couple of days, I spent time putting water in the freshwater tank and turning on the pump before disconnecting and storing away the freshwater hose. This cold snap is only supposed to last a couple of days and as long as we are conservative in water use, we should be OK. The temperatures will go up through the day so I could reconnect everything to replenish the tanks if needed. 

The rest of the day was spent in the usual fashion, the evening meal for us all, watching a football match and then relaxing with the latest episodes of Third Shift, hoping to get to bed a bit earlier. 

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