Falling leaves

 Another late morning but again, it does not matter as we have no plans. We went out for that first walk of the day and just wandered around. Another big Class A towing a Jeep pulled out as we watched. Beautiful rig. Back at the RV, the outdoor couch and carpet are covered with leaves a couple inches thick. The trees overhead, except for one of them, are pretty bare. I guess, they are on their own individual timeline obviously, not the same for every tree. Nature’s way of distributing the pain both for the tree and for the Hooman that has to blow the leaves. I wonder? 

Last night, before going to bed, I decided to turn on the house heaters instead of the portables that I have been using as the temperature was forecast for the low 20’s overnight and I did not want any plumbing problems. By the morning when we went out, it had risen above freezing and I turned the heaters off again as there is no frost forecast for the next few days. Like I said before, I need to conserve propane and use alternative fuels as needed and anyway, the electricity that I use is included in my rent. 

I sat down to the usual emails none of which held any earth-shattering information before turning my attention to the blog. I am currently up to date with it, which is a good thing as I mentioned before, memory recall is getting harder and harder, a sure sign that I am getting old. What is frightening is that it does not matter how physically fit my body may be, if the brain goes, it’s all over. So far, for me, it is just forgetting small things. Oh well, age is one of those things that is both a blessing and a curse. Everyone wants to live to a ripe old age but at what cost? 

I remembered that the milk had turned when I went to make my morning Latte, and nothing tasted worse than a Latte made with sour milk. I know as I have tried it. I jumped in the car after promising the dogs I would not be very long and hit the nearest Walmart’s, one of the neighborhood kind. Not as big as the giants but it had everything I needed. No extras this time either from the list I had written. Proud of myself. There was a Starbucks just up the street and, on the way, home so it was almost a perfect trip. 

On the way back, I drove down the road that we had been walking on to see just how far it went. It comes to a Tee Junction leading goodness only knows where but from one end to the next is exactly a mile. Good to know as the next time I feel energetic, we will take that walk. Not today though. 

Back in the RV, I had the usual help from the dogs but as there were only three bags, I was able to manage by myself. With everything put away, I made the mistake of looking down only to see two sets of brown eyes giving me “the look”. We harnessed up and wandered around the park not meeting a single person or pet. The air still has a chill to it but there is no frost forecast overnight. Knowing this, I took the time to re-hook the water hose back up to Quatro, so we no longer are relying on our water tanks. I also used my small battery-operated blower to clear the leaves although that is almost a thankless task at least until they have all dropped. Hopefully, we will be long gone by then and someone else can keep the site clean. 

I could not think of anything else that needed my immediate attention and turned to the blog, catching up on today’s events. With that done, we went out for the final walk of the day and managed to cover 2 miles.  

The evening was spent in the usual way, television, food and a glass of wine. 

Written 10/19/2022. Read my other blogs at https://pondblog2011.com