Taken from the bridge

As usual, after taking a shower and changing clothes for clean ones, we went out to wander around the park. There was no activity anywhere and the park was pretty empty. We only did one loop mainly because I had forgotten my phone… again and returned for the usual breakfast and coffee. 

I turned my attention to reading emails and catching up on world news, which was as usual, very depressing. There were another couple of accounts that needed updating to the new credit card which I took care of before deciding that it was a good day to do laundry. I do not know why I decided this as apart from the weekends when the working people do their laundry, any other day is a good day from my perspective. It comes down to how much laundry I have and do I have enough quarters. 

I gathered up the laundry bag and making sure I had detergents and quarters with me, jumped in the truck for the short journey over. It is always a guessing game as there is only one washer and one dryer, but I got lucky and neither machine was being used. I loaded out the wash making sure to put the quarters in slowly as Gerry had advised and then drove back to Quatro to wait for it to to be done. 

Thirty minutes later, I was back to load the washed clothes into the dryer which takes an hour for them to dry. My laundry needs are very simple as I usually only wear underpants, shorts, tee shirt and socks. Add to that the towels and such and every week or so, the bed sheets and that is the sum of nearly all my laundry, thank goodness. A simple life for a simple person. 

An hour later, I returned to fold the clean laundry and put it in my bag for the trip back to the RV where the dogs helped me to put it away in its respective places. Well, not actually help as to oversee that I did it right. They have the best job just supervising without doing any of the work. I could go for that. 

We harnessed up as a reward for all their help and went out for the afternoon walk. I had already decided to walk Cato Springs Road, which is the one that runs parallel to the campground. We have walked it a few times before. This time, I decided that we would walk it’s full length or at least, as far as we could go with a sidewalk.

We started by walking through the field and then taking the road through the sub-division as we have done a couple of times before. This took us to Cato Springs Road, and we turned away from the camp ground in the direction that the road ends in a tee junction. It was about a mile in disatnce and we could not get to the very end because we ran out of sidewalk. 

On the way back, by the bridge we had crossed before, there were two utility access manhole covers that were dragged open to one side. There were no visible signs of any work ongoing as if there had been, they would have been barricaded off.  I considered it a dangerous situation to anyone walking and not looking so I dragged them back into place. Better safe than sorry as it was an accident waiting to happen not once but twice. 

Feeling pleased that I was able to be of help to maybe prevent an accident, we continued on our way. We kept up a pretty good pace as we had already covered the ground once so the number of interesting smells was somewhat lessened. I decided that instead of cutting back through the field, we would continue up Cado Springs Road until it reaches Hwy 71B which would lead us back to the campground. The walk along 71B is a bit scary as in some places, the very narrow sidewalk is right next to the street with barely enough room for the dogs to walk side by side and cars and trucks whizzing by just a a couple of feet away. Altogether, we covered 2.5 miles for the day and that without walking in a Walmart’s store. 

Having made it back safely and I sat and caught up with the blog. We have no further plans for the evening except the usual food, drinks and watch the football on the English Premier League. 

Written 10/20/2022. Read my other blogs at https://pondblog2011.com