The Bridge

It was very windy outside and the wind direction changed, yet again, this time blowing in a SW direction, the very opposite from the way it was blowing yesterday. Hope that does not mean that all the leaves will come flying back. We wandered around making several pit stops of the important kind by both dogs, and then headed back to Quatro. Incidentally, Mikey always knows when we turn for home and is eager to get there tugging at the leash in an effort to hurry us along. Sandy, on the other hand, has way to many interesting smells to be in a hurry so it becomes a bit of a tug of war when we head back. I think that physically, she is the stronger dog or maybe it is because she is heavier than Mikey who still has his boyish figure while Sandy is on the chunky side. Too many goodies. 

After breakfast of a bacon sandwich, shared with the dogs and for me, the inevitable latte, I settled down to catch up with the latest news, which as usual, was very discouraging. I then turned to emails, which as before, had a mixture of junk, trash and those worth reading. My good friend, BJ, always has a kind word or comment to say about my blogs which are probably not very interesting reading to the few people that do follow me. Pretty much the same thing almost every day with the occasional bright or different moment. But then again, such is life especially to a retired single person. Just a few bright and different moments mixed in between what we consider to be our normal everyday living. 

Incidentally, I have managed to eat enough food out of the freezer that it is working again, and the ice cream is now just that. Things inside it have that icy feeling once more. Now, the question is, do I leave it on maximum freeze or start dropping it back a bit at a time until I find that happy medium. The refrigerator is powered by both LP Gas and/or electricity which is the setting we are using. As I have said before, we conserve the LP as much as possible while we are in campgrounds that have an electrical hook up. 

Finished with the emails, I turned my attention to the blog catching up and posting the previous days actions along with the pictures that are added really just to pretty up the page. The pictures are usually always of the park that we are currently in and writing about so that my few readers can see where we are staying and what we have around us. 

I searched all over the place even in the storage compartments under the RV looking for the TV sound bar I had bought for use in the last RV. I could not find it anywhere which is not surprising as the only thing in any order in a single compartment are the tools that I have brought with me. The rest of my life’s belongings are in several different plastic totes scattered between the many different storage compartments and it is always an adventure in trying to find anything. One of these days, when I feel really energetic, I may sort through the totes and try to reconcile the different items in their own boxes and in their own compartments. One of these days… 

The very last place I looked was inside in the storage space under the seats to the table that I use for a desk. Lo and behold, there it was minus any cables to go along with it. They, of course, were somewhere else which prompted yet another search for them. Luckily, I had an idea where they would be as I do keep all types of cables in one box and I knew where the box was found, one of the very few. I spent the next hour hooking and unhooking up the sound bar to no avail as I could not get it to work. It was made all the more difficult because the TV is in its own special stand that raises the unit to view it and can slide down into its own compartment when not in use or when we travel. Very convenient to put it out of the way but it does make it tough to get to the back to plug in any units. This was exasperated by the limited space to work in and that I could not get very close and was really stretching. The really bad thing was that I had to use my left hand which is not as well coordinated as my right one. I eventually gave up vowing to have another go on a different day. 

Sandy was giving me, “The Look” and we harnessed up and went out walking heading for the outside sidewalks as they are much easier to walk on than the grass. We did not meet up with any other dogs or suspicious characters this time around and arrived safely back to the RV. We managed to cover almost 2 miles for the day and have increased our daily output by almost double. Got to stay fit somehow and the dogs really enjoy it. 

Back in the RV, we finished the evening in the usual way of food all around and then watching both a Premier League game and “Third Watch”. Unfortunately, it was the very last episode of this highly entertaining series and naturally was a bit sad. So now, I need to find another series to watch and hope it will be just as entertaining. 

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Southgate RV Park, Fayetteville, AR Monday Day 47 10/24/2022


I awoke to the sound of rain on the roof and took a peek outside. It was not pouring down, just a fine misty rain but uncomfortable to be outside. Still, the dogs had to do their thing and I got up and after a quick shower. We walked out the door. I had on a jacket plus a rain cover, and we set off walking around the park. Even though it was wet out, it was not raining hard enough that the dogs minded, and we happily wandered around.  

The young lady, Catherine, that had climbed on the roof of the RV and cut the branches for me, was outside and came over to chat. She walked us back to Quatro and said goodbye as we walked inside. Nice of her and she is very pleasant to talk to. Not many sweet young things have time to talk to ancient and decrepit old guys like me. Maybe, I remind her of her Grandad. 

Back inside the RV, I remembered that the bathroom sink was backing up and I thought about what, if anything, needed to be done about it. Obviously, it was a no brainer, and I went outside to empty the tanks which incidentally are draining slow again. I need to buy a new Macerator hose to fix this problem but must check on the difficulty in swapping out the units first. Of course, the connection is not in an easy place to get to…Nothing is ever straight forward. 

Back inside I fixed breakfast of a couple of tacos which are just not very appetizing. The dogs enjoyed their share though, looking for more. I did a bit of tidying up before settling down to read the news and then the latest emails. Satisfied that the world is not coming to an end, at least not in the next day or two, I turned my attention to writing the latest blog. Incidentally, if it is coming to an end, it might be better not to know about it as there is probably nothing, I can do to change it or to even save myself or the dogs. 

It was cool enough that I had the small indoor heater running with the outside temperature not forecast to get above 72 degrees. Luckily, we have no plans and can snuggle up and if nothing else, watch a Premier League Football match or two. Both dogs have already zonked off, Sandy in her basket under the table and Mikey right alongside me as tight as he can get without actually sitting on my lap. He really loves me, that little guy and shows it all the time. Sandy does too but is not quite as demonstrative as Mikey although she has her moments. A man and his dogs… 

It started to rain quite hard and as I had run out of things to do, we settled down to watch a Premier League football match hoping that it would clear up in time for our afternoon walk. Unfortunately, it never did, and we were forced to stay inside. I was really concerned about the dogs and them having to “go” but it did not make any sense to go out walking in the wet weather.  

We finished the evening in the usual fashion and the rain continued through the night. I discovered that there was a very small leak in the ceiling fan housing in the bathroom but as luck would have it, the periodic drip of water dropped directly into the toilet bowl. How about that for luck. We went to bed with the sound of the rain beating on the roof to lull us to sleep. 

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