The Bridge

The rain continued through the night and when we awoke, it was still coming down. I was concerned because it was a long time between doggy walks and the necessary business that it implies. I jumped out of bed and changed the usual routines this time cleaning my teeth and then getting dressed to go out walking, foregoing the usual shower and shaving until we got back. 

We did not stay out very long or go very far, just enough to do their “thing” before returning to Quatro. The forecast is for it to rain all day which does not affect us as we have no plans, but the weather has turned much colder. Returning to the RV, I made breakfast and shared most of it with the dogs who happily munched away on their portions of the bacon sandwich. They liked the bacon best but ate the bread as they quickly ran out of bacon. They did not get much anyway, just a taster. To me, bacon is still one of the foods that tastes as it should although I know that it is not particularly healthy to eat. Such a shame… 

Following breakfast, I made a trip over to the office as I needed to extend our stay here because the Jeep completion has been pushed back a full week to Nov 5. I booked us through to leave Monday, Nov 7 to places unknown but heading the general direction of Austin.  I had a special mail delivery in the office which I was expecting and picked it up at the same time and then checked the outside mailbox to see if I had any regular postal service deliveries. 

Back in Quatro, I opened the mail, most of which was junk as usual. There was a delivery of health supplements that I take on a regular basis which may or may not help. The trouble is that there is no way of knowing if they do any good. These are for my prostate as I incurred a bout of prostate cancer some 14 or so, years ago and at that time, had radiation treatment. I am a firm believer that the supplements have helped to keep me cancer free. The radiation may have cured the cancer, but one major side effect was that my sex life went all to hell and never recovered. 

Incidentally, my oldest son in England is currently fighting his own battle with prostate cancer and is undergoing treatment. Maybe it runs in the family. The cost of his treatment is entirely covered under the English Family Health Plan. Luckily, I have good health insurance through my employment with the University of Texas which covered the entire cost of $136,000 for the radiation treatment that I incurred. It is too early to say how well my son is progressing. 

Sandy was giving me “the look” signaling her need to go outside. Quatro is not like my earlier house with a fenced yard and a doggy door where the dogs and cats could come and go as they pleased. That also included wild critters as on two separate occasions, a raccoon and a large snake, both found their way in through that door… Of course, they could not find their way out and I had to open the back door for them to leave. The raccoon left willingly enough but the snake, which was a four-foot rat snake, needed a little help which I did with a broom. I do not kill wild things unless I have no other choice. Both gave me quite a scare when I first noticed them, which was first thing in the morning while I was still half asleep. Not for long though… 

We harnessed up and I decided to walk the roads again. This time, we started in reverse through the park entrance heading towards Cato Park Road. I even crossed the road to see if the sidewalks were any better to walk on for the 100 yards or, so that we are on Hwy 71B. I quickly discovered that they are not and in truth, are closer to the traffic as it whizzes by. Will not make that mistake again.  

We turned down Cato Park Road and walked fast as there was a chill in the air and the wind was cold. Well, let’s say that Mikey and I tried to walk fast but Sandy wasn’t having any of it and slowed us down with her constants sniffing and peeing. I swear she is a male dog in a female body. Wait a minute, I know a few women just like that except they do not mark everything at least by peeing on them. Maybe, they have other ways… 

Altogether, we managed to cover 1.5 miles of fast walking, some of which was sheltered by the trees. Out in the open, the wind blew cold, a sure sign that winter is on the way. As we walked, we avoided other people walking their dogs by slowing down or changing direction. One time, a young couple were coming towards us with two small dogs of the terrier variety. I cut across the grass to give them room and the guy picked up one of his dogs but even so, a noisy shouting match ensued between them as we passed. Both other doggy owners and I exchanged pleasantries as we passed and commented on the need for little dogs to be heard, maybe to make up for their lack of size.

I turned down the cut off that leads to the campground and came across an older, Asiatic lady standing outside her house. I stopped to chat to her inquiring if everything was OK, before moving on, advising her that she really should go indoors and get out of the cold. Farther down the road, there was a large 5th wheel attached to a truck and I commented to the lady standing by it on how nice the rig looked. We got into a conversation about RV travelling before moving on back to Quatro through the field. 

The dogs found their hidey places to rest up after their strenuous exercise and I settled down to catch up with the day’s events. About a couple of hours later, Sandy was at it again giving me “the look”. She must have figured out in her little doggy brain, that if she bugs me enough, we get to go out walking. It usually works as maybe; she does need to “go”. 

We did a quick walk around the park and Sandy proved that she was not trying to con me into walking. A single circuit later, we were back in the RV. On our walk, there was another couple walking their dogs on the other side of the park. They had 3 small ones and another medium sized one. Now, that are a lot of dogs to have in an RV and to take walking.  

I spent some time working on the Sound Bar to the TV to try to get it to work but with no luck and gave up, turning to fixing the evening meal which both dogs ate. Sandy gobbled down her bowl but Mikey, I think in an effort to annoy her, usually waits until she is finished before starting in on his. Dogs are so funny. 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual fashion of food and TV. Incidentally, I spent most of the evening trying to find another decent series to watch in place of “Third Watch”. So far, I have not had much luck… 

Written 10/25/2022. Read my other blogs at