Another bridg

I woke up early for us and took a shower before harnessing up and then walking the park. I even remembered my phone the first time which by itself is quite an achievement as we usually have to go back for it. The park consists of a large outside loop that is divided by a single inside road to make a figure 8. It is .4 tenths of a mile around this circuit and is normally the morning walk. 

Back in Quatro, the first thing was to start the chicken and pork that I bought yesterday, cooking on the inside grill. I love that thing as it shuts itself off when it considers the food cooked.  Now, if it could only clean itself, it would be perfect. With that working, I made breakfast for me and shared it with Sandy as Mikey was doing one of his, “I do not want it” things. “Made” is a relative term here as all I did was grab a couple of enchiladas and stick them in the microwave. I did not actually make anything except the coffee and had to convince the Latte machine that it needed to foam more milk. 

The next move was to cook the meat that I had bought yesterday, some of which was for me but mostly for the dogs. My system is to load the indoor grill and let it cook while I do other things, in this case, work on the blog 

I concentrated on checking emails with the usual results and then turned my attention to the blog completing yesterday’s events and starting today. We have nothing planned except maybe a quick trip into Walmart’s to grab a fruit bowl that I forgot yesterday. A couple of hours later, all the meat was cooked and put in the fridge and the parts of the grill that were washable, were soaking in the sink. 

I sat and watched a Premier League Football game which held my attention for 90 minutes and then decided that the trip to Walmart’s was a good idea after all. I chose the local Neighborhood Store as I did not need much, and it was also the closest of their stores. I was in and out in no time flat and then drove to the nearest Starbucks for the usual Latte. 

The drive back to the RV park was straightforward although the traffic was beginning to pile up a bit as it was late in the afternoon. I made it back safely and as I only had three items, I did not need the dogs’ help to put them away even though they offered, of course. We harnessed up and went out for a walk, first around the park and then out onto Cato Park Road to complete the circuit. I managed to cover 1.7 miles for the day.  

Arriving back at Quatro, I sat down and completed the blog. Nothing of importance happened in the evening except for the ongoing search to find another TV series to watch. 

Written 10/27/2022. Read my other blogs at