Nature made

We walked in the park as we usually do first thing in the morning just wandering around. Other dogs were out and about with their people and one RV had 4 little dogs outside in a pen. This started a barking contest between them and mine which continued even when we and they were out of sight. Little dogs love to be noisy. 

Back in Quatro, it was the usual breakfast and coffee and then some minor chores before settling down for the morning read of world events just to see if anything had changed for the better, which it had not. Still the same very troubled planet. I turned my attention to emails and as usual, found nothing of major importance. I guess that is a good thing thinking of the adage that, “No news is good news”. 

I turned to the blog and completed yesterday before posting it. I guess to any readers that might still follow me, my life is both very repetitious and boring. A couple of years ago, I might have agreed with you but now, as I grow older and slower, it suits me just fine as I am not that man anymore. I am quite content to sit around and use my brain and not my muscles so much, not that there are that many left to use. Except for my legs, that is as they are still in pretty good shape. The rest, wishful thinking and remembering the athlete I used to be. Then again, at least I am still around even if I am growing old… 

This morning as I was shaving using my electric razor, I noticed that the shave was not as smooth as it normally is. Close inspection showed that the foil cover has deteriorated and needs a new one. As shaving for me is one of life’s necessities, I opted to drive into town to find a new shaving head. Long story short, after trying several different places, Walmart’s, Walgreens and such, none of these places had anything like what I needed. One Walmart’s had a head supposedly a replacement for the numbered razor that I have but it is nothing like the one that is currently on the razor, which I was smart enough to bring with me to compare. As a new head, which I cannot find, was going to cost as much as a cheap new electric razor, I opted to buy the latter. It is a little different and not the same brand and when I got home, I tried it out. It works just as good as the other one, so I have not lost much except a lot of frustration. 

We went out for a walk, and I noticed that the weather had cooled off quite considerably as it had clouded over. I did not have a jacket on, and we only took a short walk before returning to the warmth of Quatro where I settled down to write in the blog. I spent a couple of hours catching up and then we went out for the final walk of the day around the park and then out onto the road. I had to change my direction as I noticed a lady walking 3 large dogs in their unfenced back yard that we normally walk past. I did not want any confrontation se we went a different way. It makes no difference to us as all we are doing is walking with no special direction in mind other than to finally end up back at the RV. Other than this little bit of excitement, the rest of the walk was uneventful. 

We finished off the evening in the usual way still searching for another good series to watch. I settled for the final episodes of “The Walking Dead’ of which I had watched all of the earlier installments. 

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Southgate RV Park, Fayetteville, AR

Saturday Day 52


Man made with a little help from Nature

The year has flown by as October fast comes to an end. When I was a kid, I never noticed time and the days seemed to last forever. As I grow older, the days also get shorter, and it has nothing to do with changing the clocks or seasonal changes. Time is just slipping by faster than I like. 

I tried out the new electric shaver and although not as comfortable as the other one, did the job without hacking off my face. What do you expect for $30.00? 

We walked in the park as we usually do, making a figure eight circuit which totals 4/10 of a mile. The first walk of the day is just to stretch out legs and for the dogs to do their thing, not for distance and cardiovascular training. A couple of the RV’s were getting ready to move on and one had two dogs, a large friendly guy with a waggly tail and another small white one. The owner came out and picked up the small dog and the big guy came over to say hello to us. He was really friendly and even Mikey could sense that he was not a threat and although not exactly enthusiastic, at least did not growl and get defensive. I made a fuss of him before we moved on and he went back to his RV. His was one of the RV’s getting ready to move on, of which there were at least four that did pull out. 

Back in Quatro after the usual breakfast, I searched the World News but as usual, nothing at once affected us. Nothing good either. Why can’t we all just get along…The emails were the usual mix of junk and some worth reading and I can almost count on one hand, the number of people that I correspond with. The weather outside is very overcast with rain in the forecast but we have no plans to be outside other than dog walks. 

It started to rain as I was writing the blog and the forecast is for it to continue for the rest of the day. We need the rain so I should not complain, and I do not have any plans anyway. I finished posting yesterday’s blog and caught up with today, looking around for something else to get up to. In the end, I watched two English Premier League football matches which took up most of the afternoon. 

The rain eased off enough for us to go out for a short walk so the dogs could do their thing. It was still miserable outside and none of us wanted to be out there longer than was necessary. Back in Quatro, after feeding everyone including myself, I settled down to watch one more EPL football match making three in one day. Talk about binge watching. First time, I have ever done that. My life is definitely changing. 

I spent the rest of the evening trying to find another series that I might enjoy with no luck. 

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