Mikey’s foot appeared to be OK or at least he did not show any signs of discomfort so, as we usually do, harnessed up to go out walking. After a couple of false starts, one because I forgot my phone, again, and secondly because I forgot the small bag of trash that usually goes with us on most of our walks. We make a point to walk past the dumpster at least once on our circuit of the park. We wandered around and said our “Good mornings” to those that we met before ending back at Quatro. The park is almost empty again except for the long termers. 

Back in Quatro, while checking emails, I discovered that my very good friend, BJ, and her daughter Kristen, who are currently on a cruise ship, have contracted Covid. Kristen writes for a company that does travel reviews and this trip was one of those. Both have had all their shots so hopefully; this will only be a mild case. Their problem is that they are confined to their room for the rest of the trip. 

Back on dry land, BJ has always been so careful about taking precautions even to the extent of having Home Delivery of her groceries, but I guess, on a ship there is no place to go except up on deck to get away from people. I know that when we came over on the Queen Mary all of those years ago, the family came up on deck to help stop their sea sickness. Fresh air and not being in an enclosed space really helped. Then again, we were not confined to our cabins like BJ and her daughter are. They must be going nuts in such a tiny enclosed space. Get well soon, both of you. 

The rest of the emails were the usual junk and quickly trashed. I unfriend and unsubscribe from as many as I can, but they often come back again with a new address especially if they are trying to sell me something. Many of the “unsubscribed” are ignored by those companies that offer their services. I was reading somewhere, that many of those same companies unscribe on a limited basis as they get paid to remain active. Everything is a racket and I often wish for the days of long ago when life was simple and things like the Internet were a futuristic dream. Something you read about from HG Wells and Stephen Hawkin and other such writers. Unfortunately, now it is a permanent part of our lives and here to stay. Big Brother is watching you and has been for a while… 

I wrote for a bit until I was caught up and turned my attention to posting yesterday’s blog. This does not take too much time as long as I do not fall behind. I have taken over 100 pictures of our time here at this park, which normally should be more than enough but due to the extended stay, some of the pictures may be duplicates of earlier posting. Sometimes, if I think a picture is worth repeating, I will repost it. 

We went out for another walk this time through the neighborhood after following the field to the end, then walking the road, and returning through the field instead of walking all the way to Hwy 71B.  Then, I sat around listening to an Audiobook for a couple of hours before harnessing up the guys for their last walk of the day. This time, we just walked the park avoiding the other few dogs walking their owners. Altogether for the day, we covered almost 2 miles keeping up with our daily average. 

The rest of the day was spent in the usual fashion with food and television. 

Written 11/01/2022. Read my other blogs at https://pondblog2011.com