I had a restless night for whatever reason having difficulty in going back to sleep. My mind was filled with thoughts of this and that never settling on any one subject before switching to something else. Eventually, I must have dropped back off as the next thing I knew, it was 9:00 am and time to get up. 

I took a quick shower and shaved. The new shaver is not as good as the one that needs a new head but then again, it is much cheaper. I will keep looking for a replacement head on our shopping trips. As a last resort, I can go back to the company online and get one that way, 

We went out walking in the park as we usually do for the first walk of the day. The park is virtually empty except for what I consider to be the full timers or at least on an extended stay. I have noticed by the logo on some of the trucks, that in a couple of cases, the RV belongs to a worker whose job has them traveling from job site to job site and as soon as the job is complete, he/she moves on. Not a bad way go.  

I wish I had known this when I worked pipeline construction, back in the day although it was in England and RV’ing was not much in vogue over there, back then. In fact, RV’ers had a bad name and were considered nothing better than wandering good for nothing, Gypsies. Incidentally, the English slang word for these Travellers was, “Didicoys”. There have always been wandering gypsies from time evermore going back to the horse and caravan days. They were looked upon as second class citizens because of their way of life just travelling around and making a shilling or two wherever they went, sometimes dishonestly. Hence the lack of trust by the other “law abiding” citizens. Now, as time has progressed, there are two sets of RV’ers. Those still referred to as “gypsies’ because of the nature of how they derive their living although they have upgraded their horse drawn caravans to low end or well used RV’s. Then there are the other luxury groups whose RV’s or Motorhomes can run into the many thousands of dollars and who are definitely not gypsies. 

Back in the RV, I decided to do the laundry I had been thinking about and collected all of my “stuff”, jumped in the truck and made the short trip over to the laundry room. The person that had been there when we checked in on our walkabout, had gone leaving an empty washer and dryer for my use. The wash takes around 30 minutes. I returned to Quatro to do some more writing as we waited it out. When it was time, I jumped back in the truck and made the short trip over to put everything in the dryer. On my return, an hour later, just like before, the wash was not completely dry. It was just a bit damp and not wet, so I threw everything into the bag and drove back to the RV. The clothes that were dry were folded and put away but those still on the damp side were spread about the RV so they too, would dry out. 

With the laundry out of the way for another week or so, I went back to writing and as I did, thought about calling to see if the Jeep would be ready. I was a little hesitant fearing more bad news, but the response was still very hopeful that it would be available late tomorrow afternoon. All I can do now is hope for the best. 

We have nothing else planned for the rest of the day and cannot really make any plans for tomorrow until I know the status of the Jeep. It is really the focal point of the day if we can pick it up as our travel plans are on hold pending that. 

We went out for a much longer walk down Cato Park Road and walked it all the way to the end. Altogether, we covered 3.2 miles which was the best day we have had in a long time as it did not include walking in a Walmart’s store. As can be expected, both dogs found their respective places and zonked off while I wrote some more as I cooled off. 

The day ended in the usual fashion. 

Written 11/03/2022. Read my other poems at https://pondblog2011.com