The walk around the park as usual, consisted of changing directions a couple of times to avoid confrontations with other dogs out there, walking their owners. The park is beginning to fill as the Razorbacks have a home game Saturday, but most of those supporters that stay at the park will come in on Friday. We walked our normal 4/10ths of a mile before returning for breakfast. 

I did the usual news thing and then followed it by the email thing. My friend, BJ, has been released from her expensive prison cell as she is now Covid free although with not much of the trip left to enjoy. Such a shame although, her suite aboard the luxury ship is larger than Quatro in square feet and much more luxurious. 

It was difficult to sit and wait for news of the Jeep and I kept wanting to call and find out. They did say that if it is ready, it would be in the late afternoon. I used to pride myself on my patience which was boundless but, as I grow older, my patience and my temper are both getting harder to control and sometimes, I find myself really having to work at it. Another downside to growing old. Finally. I could stand it no longer and made the call and as I halfway expected, had more bad news. Apparently, the replacement headlight is the wrong one and they must reorder it. They did say that they should have everything done by Monday. Yeah, right… 

I stopped over to the office to discuss the situation with Gerry, and he said that I was paid through Monday and if I needed to extend it by a couple of days, I could. I thanked him for his understanding and went back to the RV. The weather forecast is for heavy thunderstorms, so I decided not to waste the opportunity and instead drove into town hoping to beat the rain and get back before it started. As usual, the trip included both the Walmart’s stop, and the Starbucks follow up on the way home. I arrived back just in time to unload everything as it started to rain, with of course, a lot of help from my two little friends. 

Back in the RV, I turned up the A/C units and turned on the portable heaters as it had cooled off dramatically with the onset of the rain. Then, with a lot of help, we put away the groceries before settling down to catch up on emails and write in the blog. By 5:30, it was already getting dark with the skies very overcast. As the clocks go back an hour tomorrow evening, this is the new norm, dark at 6:00 pm. Maybe, I should also change and start getting up earlier although, unwittingly, I will be doing that anyway. OK, now I have figured it out that my brain never adjusted to the original daylight-saving time which accounts for my normal wake up time at 9:00 pm. And I thought I was being lazy…Incidentally, this is the first heavy rain we have had for several months. 

Our usual evening walk is just not going to happen so I must be prepared for the worst as far as the dogs go. Still, I do have Doggie Pads to put down and can only hope they find them. It rained hard for the rest of the evening and only tapered off around 11:00 pm. Just like before, the skylight in the bathroom has a very small leak but luckily, it drips straight into the toilet bowl. 

I sat and listened to the rain beating heavily on the roof of the RV, which is actually, a very soothing sound and found myself nodding off to sleep. As it was only 7:00 pm, I roused myself awake and got on with the usual evening things like food and TV. We eventually went to bed around 11:30 pm and by then, the rain had stopped. As it happened, I did not need the soothing sound to go to sleep this time.

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Southgate RV Park, Fayetteville, AR Saturday Day 59 11/05/2022

I awoke early and instead of rolling over and going back to sleep, my brain suddenly clicked into gear and reminded me that I need to walk the dogs as they had been “holding it” because of yesterday’s rain. I scrambled out, being careful where I walked just in case one of them might have had an accident but as far as I could see, the dogs had done a good job of hanging on. It was cold out and I was glad of my jacket and both dogs were very happy to return to Quatro after a very short walk, enough for them to do what they had to do. I could almost see them heave a huge sigh of relief as they “went” as they had been holding it for around 20 hours. 

I managed to blow a fuse with a couple of units on at the same time and the GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter) switch that is supposed to take care of that sort of thing would only make some circuits work again. This happened because I forgot that I had one of the electric heaters plugged into that circuit and when I switched on the toaster and coffee maker, it caused an overload. Lesson learned and something else to research to get that circuit working again. Never a dull moment… 

I sat in front of the computer and could not get it to open. My immediate thought was that the damn scammers had gotten into it again. Then reason took over and I started testing outlets to see which ones were not working. It appeared that one side of the RV was dead including the bedroom although things like the TV and the lights still worked, and the problem was confined to the outlets. The first thing was to dig out the manual which was an absolute waste of time. All it had was a description of the parts involved but no explanation of how to make it right. It only had a rough idea of where I should look. 

I remembered that I belonged to RV Repair Club and went on line to see what they had to offer. I watched a couple of videos, but they did not address my particular issue. Giving up on that, I went back to physically searching the RV. In one of my earlier RV’s, the fuses and breakers were under the bed. This bed was a definite no-go as it does not lift up to use the storage underneath as the others did and there were no electric panels attached to the frame. I kept looking and what I originally thought was a part of the cabinet on one side, turned out to be the opening door to the fuse box. Hooray, I had found what I was looking for and with a quick survey, noted that one of the breakers had tripped. Quickly resetting it, I heard a beep as something came to life and we were back in business. At least now, I know where to look if I need to in the future. 

Breathing a huge sigh of relief and happy that I had resolved the issue, I settled back down to writing in the blog as we have nothing planned for the day. The clouds had disappeared, the sun was shining brightly, and it had warmed back up again although the wind still had a chill to it. 

I thought about it for a bit and decided that I should try a couple of the local Walgreens to see if they might have a shaving head to fit my razor. I have already tried Walmart’s within easy distance and the only one that had anything close was the Super Center. Not close enough though so after driving around and finding a lot more of Fayetteville than I wanted to see, I headed back to the RV park. Today is game day and the traffic is heavy close to the University. 

When I arrived back to Quatro, both dogs greeted me and obviously, could not wait to get out walking themselves. We harnessed up and set off around the park and then headed for the field walking all the way to the bottom, staying in the sun as much as possible. The wind had a definite Nip to it as we wandered around. I was glad to get back in the warmth of the RV. I think that today is the first day in several months that I have not had the big fan running facing the front windows where most of the heat comes in even with the shades pulled down. Now, I am glad of it as it helps to warm things up. 

I watched one of my favorite teams, Brighton and Hove Albion play, the one my Great, Great Grandson plays on. They won their game with Solly getting to play the entire match. I thought he played very well but then I might be just a tiny bit biased. The rest of the evening was spent in the usual way. 

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