This is the first snake that I have seen this year and this little guy is only about a foot long. Needless to say, he was not harmed by us and continued on his way.

The clock changing thingy worked for me again, as I awoke early although I did not get up straight away, preferring to laze around and snuggle under the covers. The dogs reminded me that I should make a move otherwise, what is the point of waking early. We wandered around the park avoiding a couple of people who had three big dogs between them. I hope they have a roomy RV with that many large pets. 

We returned to the RV, and I fixed the usual breakfast which I shared as I usually do before turning to emails and then the blog. Today is one of those hurry up and wait days as I can do absolutely nothing while waiting for word of the Jeep. 

I called Quality Collision Repair for the latest news and was told it would be another couple of hours or so and I arranged to get over there by 3:30 pm. For some reason, I had all kinds of trouble with the map finder on my phone and kept ending up in the wrong place. I was trying to return the rental truck and then they would take me over to the body shop, at least, that was the plan. Two hours later, for a trip that should have taken 30 minutes, I finally arrived. The Jeep looked great but on the way home, the hood open warning light came on. I pulled over and could not get the hood shut. 

 I made my way back to Quatro for the night and spent some time messing around and did get the hood to close. However, the “Hood Open” light warning came back on, and it was something more than I could fix. 

I took the dogs out walking to help ease my frustrations about the whole sorry mess. Two and half months and it still was not working right. The walking and the dog’s company helped a lot as they do not ask for much and in return, give me all the love and companionship that I need. We managed to cover 2.4 miles for the day. 

On our return, it was already getting dark, and we settled in for the night. By 5:30 pm it was night and dark outside. The clock changes have hit us with a bang. The rest of the evening was spent in the usual way, food and then television and worrying about tomorrow.

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