Quatro in the new site

Quatro in his new site. Notice how close we are to the entrance road.

We got up early as I knew that at least I had a busy day in front of me. The dogs, not so much. We went out for a short walk around the park before returning to Quatro where I immediately set to work trying to find another campsite while the Jeep is being repaired. Goodness knows how long that will take this time. I had no luck with any of the local campsites even up to 10 miles away as they all cater to the football supporters and there is a big game this weekend here in town. 

Noticing that Gerry was in the Office, I wandered over to talk to him about parking on the grass. We got in his car, but before he drove off, he inquired as to the length of the RV and when I told him 35 feet, he pointed to Site No 1 which is right next-door to where we were parked before, no more than 50 yards away. We got out and he said that I would need to get as far from the road as possible because of the big rigs that come in and out of the park. The site is not very level or even and I had my doubts but said I would give it a go. I thanked him and he went back inside the office. 

I had been working on the move prior as I knew we had to be out of there regardless of where we ended up. One of the things I had done while we were in the old site was to take the carrier off the back of Quatro and put the new tow bar on ready for our intended move. Now, I had to reverse that procedure and install the carrier back on so that I could load the wicker couch, chair and for good measure, the new towbar for the 50-yard move. When we ever do get the Jeep back, I will reverse the process and put the carrier on the Jeep and the towbar on Quatro, again… 

As I stood there surveying the new site which was on a slope in two directions, front to back and side to side I tried to figure out the best place to park and then went back to Quatro and got it ready for the very short journey. I had to do a bit of maneuvering to get it parked where I wanted it, going 4-5 yards forward and then back but eventually, I was satisfied and that it would work. I got out to look to make sure we were located as far off the road as possible and still be close to the hookups. 

The next thing was to place wood blocking under the jack feet to help stop them from sinking in the dirt as this was a grassy site with no blacktop or gravel. Then it was back inside to push the automatic levelers button and see if it would level the rig. After the usual jerks up and down as it did its thing, it stopped, and the level light came on. I jumped out to see what it looked like, and it looked OK. Both the front and rear wheels on the low sloping side needed blocking, which was quickly done, and we were all set. This was followed with the usual hooking up of the sewer and water but before I could hook up the electric power cable, I had to borrow a 50 amp to 30 amp reducer from Gerry as this site is only equipped with 30 amps. Things still work but I need to be careful not to run too many at the same time. The big test was the A/C units but they both appear to be working OK. Incidentally, the 50 amp to 30 amp reducer is something I need to add to my tool set just in case we may need it in the future.

The blocking under the wheels on the low side.

As we were all set in our new location. I let out the two slides and made everything inside of Quatro shipshape and livable and we are ready for however long we need to be here. 

With the set up out of the way, back inside Quatro, I sat at the computer and could not find the mouse. Turns out, I had put it on the seat under a blanket when we moved, and Mikey was laying on it. I patted him on the head and told him he was a good boy and went to work. First as I usually do, I read the news especially interested in the elections hoping for a Democratic majority so they could get some things done. It did not look good, so I turned to emails with only having to answer a couple of them with most of them junk as they usually are. BJ called me and we caught up with each other’s news her with Covid and the cruise and mine with the move. 

I checked the weather forecast and it is not good for this area for most of next week with temperatures dropping overnight to freezing on most nights and daytime highs only in the 50’s. We need to get out of these mountains ASAP. For some reason, the day is going really slow probably because we got up at a reasonable hour. You would think that with us as busy as we have been, the time would have flown by but that is just not the case.  

We went out for another walk around the park. One of the very nice Class C RV’s on a Peterbuilt chassis had moved sites and was now down by the field. They are the ones with 4 little dogs, and I stopped to chat with the owner for a bit before moving on around the park. We managed to cover 2.1 miles for the day, a lot of it walking between campsites as we moved and then set up. 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual fashion. 

Written 11/10/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com