Quatro in his new site. The old site is straight ahead where the Class A is parked under the tree.

We did not wake up as early as we have the last couple of mornings. Probably because it was warm and snuggly under the added fleece cover, I had thrown on the bed last evening. I crawled out to a very chilly RV only to notice that one of the electric heaters had tripped a breaker. Not too surprising as we are on a 30-amp instead of a 50-amp electric system. No wonder it was chilly…Incidentally, as opposed to the warmer months, many of the window blinds are raised during the day to let the heat of the sun in, not as we do in the warmer months, lower them to try to keep the heat out.. I have not used the front window fan for at least a week as we use the Suns natural resources. 

I reset the breaker and the power returned to that heater and I adjourned to the bathroom only to discover that the water had frozen. I had forgotten to turn on the tank water heaters last evening. Hoping there was no damage as all I could do was wait for the pipes to thaw, we harnessed up and went out wandering around the park. Several of the RV’s had already left and the park was beginning to empty again. Through the course of the morning, a couple of others pulled out. 

At one of the smaller Campers, they were preparing to leave, and the lady had a bag of trash in her hand. I offered to put it in the dumpster which we would be walking by anyway. It is this sort of helping that makes for good neighbors and we had spent time chatting to them the day before. Besides Sandy liked them as she got her ears scratched. 

Back in Quatro, the water pipes had thawed, and I fixed the usual breakfast shared among the three of us before settling down to read and junk the emails. There were a couple, as there usually are, that require some work and a couple more that made interesting reading before they too were junked but on the whole, very little to hold my attention. 

With that chore out of the way, I turned to writing the blog, completing yesterday and then starting today. I noticed that Gerry was in the office and walked over to get some quarters for the laundry although, not sure when I will do it. We spent some time talking about yesterday’s football game and I got a full play by play from him as to why Arkansas lost.  

I am hoping for good news about the Jeep tomorrow so we can go ahead with our plans although I still must find our next stop on the way home to Henly. At least, we have a semi-permanent site until that time. But we are in the mountains, and it is getting cold with the frosts at night. 

We went out for the final walk of the day and just wandered around mostly where Miss Bossy wanted to take us. She literally is guided by her nose so none of our walks are in a very straight line which is OK as it helps with the mileage count. Altogether, we covered 1.5 miles for the day and completed 185% of our total weekly goals. The park is pretty empty again and even a couple of the long termers, have moved on. 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual fashion with the evening meal for all of us followed by watching football of the rest of the world variety. 

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Southgate RV Park, Fayetteville, AR Monday Day 68 11/14/2022

Very big and very expensive RV’s, here for the game and all LSU supporters. They brought the frost on the ground, with them…

I awoke early but chose to snuggle in with the dogs until the call of nature forced me to get up. I thought about taking a shower and chose instead to conserve the water. We are working off our freshwater tanks although the temperature goes up enough during the day that I could re-connect the hose long enough to refill them if we need. Not like I have gotten hot and sweaty these past couple of days. Quite the opposite as I have had to add a jacket for our outside endeavors. 

We wandered around the almost empty park with only a couple of RVs left in the temporary areas and even in one of the two permanent spots, only 5 RV’s remain. This essentially means that the park is getting ready to close temporarily for the winter to travelers. This is an older park as is the owner, Gerry, and unfortunately, it is starting to show signs of its age as it needs upkeep in many different areas. Gerry does not have a full-time maintenance person as many parks do and it shows. Gerry himself is a very helpful person and tries hard to accommodate his guests, just as he did us. Incidentally, his family built the park 30 odd years ago and he inherited it. I would imagine that he will be handing it over pretty soon to his son to manage or maybe, just sell it. If I was 25 years younger, it would not be a bad business to get into although not here in this part of the country as I hate winters. Next Saturday is the last home game for the Arkansas Razorbacks and then the park will empty out and leave around a dozen permanent residents. Actually, it makes sense to close so as not to worry about freezing water pipes and snow clearing and such. 
Back in Quatro, I fixed breakfast that we all shared except for the coffee of course and then settled down in front of the laptop for the usual morning session. As usual, there were a couple of emails requiring attention and a couple of newsy ones that were interesting to read but otherwise, it was the usual exercise in trashing and discarding. 

I then turned my attention to the blog catching up and posting yesterday before moving on to today. We are on hold here as we wait for the Jeep to be repaired and have no idea when that may be. I hope to see them drive it in on an hourly basis as they have promised to deliver it back to me. Currently, I have no transportation having turned the truck back in when I first thought the Jeep was ready. The good thing about that is that I have now started eating the food in the freezer which probably needed cleaning out anyway, but I have run out of fruit and yogurt and the ice cream is getting low. There is a Dollar General store almost a mile from here and if push comes to shove, I could walk it. 

 I got a message on my phone telling me that rain was due in 30 minutes, and we harnessed up to take an early walk, just in case we cannot get out later. We wandered around and the dogs noticed a couple of loose strays in the area where the few permanent RV’s are. They kept their eyes on them as we made our way back to Quatro having to cut the walk short. They might be friendly, but both were bigger dogs than my two put together and why take the chance. 

Back in Quatro, I worked on writing some more both to pass the time and also because of my lousy memory. I really have to think hard to recall what I did yesterday, and the small things sometimes slip by. I happened to glance out of the window and what had started as a very light rain was turning into snow. I did not think it was that cold but apparently so. I pulled down the shades and we snuggled up with our two electric heaters suitably placed to direct their heat in our direction. They are not powerful enough to warm the entire RV and with us on a 30 amp circuit, I have to be careful as to what is switched on anyway. It is easy to trip a breaker with an overload. Not a big deal to reset it but just a pain. 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual fashion of watching a couple of Premier League games as we ate the evening meal. 

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