Snow covered field.

It was cozy and comfy under the covers, and I was very reluctant to crawl out to a chilly RV. I glanced out of the window, and it had snowed about an inch overnight. Pretty to look at but even so…Me and snow no longer get along. Not like when I first came to America, all of those years ago when I lived in the small town of Fort Plain, in New York State. Then, in the winter, I liked to go skiing and I also owned a snowmobile which I raced in organized racing events. Cold weather did not bother me back then as it does nowadays. Give me 75 degrees all day and yearlong and I will be very happy. This prolonged stay does nothing to brighten my spirits and I cannot wait to get back to Texas. Sure, it still gets overnight frosts and the occasional snowstorm, but it does not last for long which is the big difference and the days are usually warmer. 

I harnessed up the dogs with Sandy doing her little dance and squealing in anticipation and Mikey dashing madly between the sofa chair and me as he waited his turn to be harnessed up. Sometimes, he will run to the food bowl and grab a mouthful of dry food before returning to get harnessed and will repeat this until he is satisfied, foodwise. When he goes through this routine, Sandy and I have learned to wait until he has had enough. She looks at me as if to say, “C’mon Dad, tell him I gotta go”. We go through this same ritual every morning and evening when I show any sign of getting ready to take them out for walkies. All part of the fun. 

We only walked one lap around as it was cold outside. I took some pictures of the snowy display hoping that it is the last that I will see this winter but even in my part of mid Texas, it is not uncommon to get a couple of weeks of winter which might include some snow although generally in early February, not November. Besides, Henly, where I live for the winter, is definitely, not in the mountains. 

Following the usual breakfast and coffee, I sat down to read the emails and then worked on the blog as we continued with our wait for the Jeep to be repaired. What is frustrating this time around is that the Collision Center is having to repair the work they originally did almost 2 months ago. It is really poor on their part that they did not get it right the first time. It’s their dime but my time that is affected and we are already almost halfway through November. I could get back to Henly in 3 days with 2 overnight stops if I needed to and that is what it looks more and more like I might end up doing. I hate all this damned waiting around and not knowing how to proceed. Should I rent another vehicle or just wait although sooner rather than later, I will run out of food. Maybe not such a bad thing as I could stand to lose a couple of pounds. 

The phone rang a couple of times and my heart jumped in anticipation that maybe, just maybe, it would be a call from the Collision Center. No such luck as it was just the spammers or others trying to do their thing and they were quickly blocked. 

I turned to writing poetry which I often do in times of stress and wrote a piece about Life and Love. Not that love for me was always stressed. There are many years when in the early stages, life was a dream. Only towards the end of each marriage did it become stressful although, some of my choices of girlfriends sometimes left a lot to be desired. Difference there was that we could walk away. 

By then, it was almost 4:00 pm and I decided that for better or worse, I would make that call to the Collision Center for word on the Jeep. I was handed off to a secretary who took my name and said they would call me back shortly. Dubious as that would happen, I continued to work on the poem. And then the phone rang. It was the call I had been waiting for and I held my breath until I heard the magic words that the Jeep had been repaired and that I would get it back later today. I thanked the man on the phone and hung up. Now, all I have to do is wait for the delivery. 

Feeling better about the day, I hooked up the guys and we went out for a walk. My intention was a short stroll around the park, but Bossy Miss Sandy had other ideas and led us across the field to the very end and turned onto the road. We walked until we hit Cato Creek Rd and made our usual right turn only this time, instead of walking to Hwy 71B, we turned back into the neighborhood and came out onto the field from where it was just a short walk to the RV. Altogether, we covered 1.4 miles for the day. 

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