Who would have thought that we would have to stay here so long. Living in the mountains is not my idea of a permanent home. Well, maybe in the summer but not in the winter months. When we got up, the temperature was a cool 32 degrees, and it was very cold and windy outside. I bundled up and we wandered around the park enough for the dogs to do their thing before returning to the RV. I was more concerned about getting back into the relative warmth of Quatro than I was in counting steps. 

Following the usual breakfast and coffee, I settled down to read the daily news and saw nothing of major interest to worry about before turning my attention to writing in the blog. I sat and thought about it and then decided to call the Collision Center…again, to see just what the latest news is and am now awaiting to hear back from them. 

I completed and posted yesterday’s blog and the poem that I had just written. All about the word “Love” and how it is used, sometimes misused and a lot of time applied to the wrong things. It truly has so many meanings. I also did a quick review of the rest of the trip in RV Trip Wizard although I cannot complete any of it until I know when we can pull out of here. Everything centers around the Jeep repair. I also compiled a grocery list for when I can get into the nearest Walmart’s. I am really scratching for things to get up to as we wait for the Jeep. 

We harnessed up and walked the sidewalk in front of the Tyson Plant all the way to the end which is a good half mile. This is easy walking as far as we are concerned, and the sidewalk is set back away from the road making it much safer. The wind was very cold, and I was glad to get back to the warmth of the RV. Altogether, we covered 1.4 miles for the day. 

I was sitting and listening to an Audiobook story and a truck pulled up very close to the RV. It got my attention and as I looked again, my Jeep, driven by a pretty lady pulled up. Then I recognized them from the Collision Center and opened the RV door to greet them and we stood and chatted for a while. They were full of apologies for the delay, and I mentioned that I had put my plans on hold while all this was going on. After they left, I parked the Jeep a bit further away from the roadway entrance for safeties sake and went back inside. 

I could pull out tomorrow after I find a new place to park for a couple of days but as I need groceries, I have decided to pull out on Friday if all goes according to plan and stay the weekend at the next site before moving on. 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual way. 

Written 11/16/2022. Read my other blogs at https://pondblog2011.com