We got up early because today is a travelling day and we have a long way to go. Most everything I packed yesterday at least what I could that we would not be using. We went out walking for the last time around this park before adjourning for a quick breakfast followed by the usual putting everything in their travelling places and adding in the tension bars to stop things from moving around. I had already brought in the slides and all that remained was to disconnect the hoses and electricity.  

With everything in its travelling place. I chose to drive the RV out through the twisty and sometimes very narrow road, which wound through the trees until I was in an area which was straight and level before hooking up the Jeep. Then, we were on our way. 

The RV Trip Wizard map system that I like to use to show us the way, did a decent job until the warning came on that the phone battery needed connecting, something I had forgotten to do. When I hooked up the charger, everything went a little crazy and the map system kept trying to get me to turn around amongst other things. I switched to the iPad which has the same map program and with a bit of luck and a lot of driving by the seat of my pants as the saying goes, we were back on track again.  

Along the way, we were searching for a gas station not necessarily to find the cheapest gas although that helps, but to find one that allows me to pull in parallel to the road and then out comfortably, preferably on the outside lane of the pumps. Quatro is so tall I have to make sure that we have clearance and whenever possible, try to find a station that caters to big rigs. Filling the RV generally takes almost 30 minutes as the pumps usually shut off around $75.00 which is about 20 gallons. As my tank holds 80 gallons, you can understand why it takes so long. 

We finally arrived at our destination much to my relief as I was a bit worried that we were heading in the right direction. Altogether, the trip lasted almost 5 hours for around 150 miles which seemed a little extreme. I really had the RV flying on the interstates and I thought we had made good time. 

Glad that the trip was over, we pulled into the park and were directed to site 35. The park has a lot of empty spaces as the season is over and those still here are mostly permanent residents. We went out for a quick walk just so the dogs could do their thing before returning to finish setting up which went well except that the sun was shining directly onto the right-hand mirror of Quatro making it very difficult to see as I backed up. Suspicious that things were not right, I stopped backing and went out to check and there was this very large tree with the trunk was just touching the back of the RV. Good job, I checked as there was no damage this time. With a bit of adjustment, I backed around the tree and into our new site, which is of blacktop, and in no time flat, was set up. 

With the outside taken care of, I went back inside to finish straightening things up as they tend to move around during the drive. I have one drawer that opened, and I will need to find a way to keep it closed in the future. 

We harnessed up again and took a longer walk around to explore the park. It is a very nice place with lots of tall trees and space between the campsites. There are a couple of restrooms and showers but as far as I could see, no laundry. Looks like, that will have to wait for a bit. 

We adjourned to Quatro for the rest of the evening. The TV reception is good, and we finished by watching a soccer match and the evening meal. 

Written 11/21/2022. Read my other blogs at https://pondblog2011.com 

Burns Park, North Little Rock, AR  Day 2, Tuesday 11/22/2022

I got up late probably because I did not have to drive anywhere today. We wandered around the park and walked the entire circumference, which is a paved road, before returning to Quatro for breakfast. I was also putting the walk to good use as I was scouting our drive out of here. 

I spent time on the computer after the usual emails and world news thingy before turning my attention to finding our next stop. I use RV Trip Planner and it has worked just fine although, yesterday had me wondering. The original plan showed 130 miles in about 2.5 hours, and we covered almost 200 miles which took 5.5 hours. 

 I found the next place that I thought would do for an overnight plus one day stop only to discover that the page that is the map and that gives an estimated distance between stops, shows totally different numbers when the actual map for driving the trip is called up. The place I picked out was about 200 miles but when I looked at the driving directions, it showed it to be almost 350 miles. 

I knew that I did not want to drive that distance, so it was back to the drawing board. This time, I found a stop halfway between the two and went ahead and booked it plus the one after. The first is close to Texas as we get closer to home. I called both parks and made the reservations and we are ready to go. 

We went out walking and dropped off some trash into the dumpster and again, almost covered the entire circumference of the park before returning to Quatro. I went ahead and disconnected the water after filling the freshwater tank and then the sewer hose after emptying the black tanks. The only thing left outside is to bring in the slides and disconnect the electricity. 

With that done, it was back indoors to go through as much of the pre-driving storing and packing routine as possible as I want to get an early start tomorrow. Satisfied that I had done as much as I could, we harnessed up and went out for our last walk of the day before returning to Quatro for the usual evening’s repast. 

Written 11/22/2022. Read my other blogs at https://pondblog2011.com