We got up incredibly early, just after 6:30 am, an unheard-of time for me, but I wanted to get a quick start to the move today. I had breakfast and instead of spending a lot of time on e-mails, I did a quick scan to see if anything needed my immediate attention. Finding none, I started in on preparing Quatro for the move. There was very little to do as I had done most of the packing yesterday, which included the outside work. All that was left to do was lower the jacks, bring in the slides and disconnect the power cable and we were ready to roll by 8:00 am. 

The trip was straightforward and uneventful, and I used the tablet to guide me rather than the phone. We arrived at the new campground around 11:00 am. The Office was closed probably because of Thanksgiving, and I already knew the site number but had difficulty in finding it. The numbers are on the electrical boxes and did not show up at all well. I even asked one of the tenants, but he said he had just moved in and could not help me. 

After a couple of trips around the campground, I finally found my allotted site, Number 41, and after a couple of tries, not liking the first attempt, I parked the RV. It was a nice concrete pull-through pad which meant I could leave the Jeep attached and I was set up in no time flat before going inside and straightening things out. That is the quickest I have ever set up Quatro, not counting the driving around trying to find the site in the first place. 

I had noticed a laundry room on our walkabout this morning and knew that we should do a load. I gathered everything up although I could not find the dryer sheets that make the clothes smell nice and finally located them in one of the storage areas. I had put them there in a safe place especially, so I locate them quickly. Yeah, right.  

I wandered over to the laundry room as it is only 50 yards from the RV and there were three teenagers doing laundry. They had just finished with the washers, so I was in luck as they loaded out both dryers and left. The oldest boy, who I guess to be around 16 or so, did all the work helped by his younger brother. The teen aged girl sat and watched.  Something wrong with this picture. 

I used both washing machines for my wash and then wandered back to Quatro. Forty-five minutes later, when I thought that the kid’s laundry was dry, I walked back over and was met by an older Gentleman who liked to chat. He too had also just arrived and was looking to use the washing machines, but the kids were nowhere to be seen. Without any ceremony, the other gentleman unloaded their wash out of the dryer and dumped it on the table. I thanked him and transferred all my washed clothes into one of the dryers and he loaded the washing machines with his stuff. Great system. 

An hour later when I figured that the laundry was dry, I walked back over and this time, the mother of the teenagers was folding the laundry. We joked about the kids’ efforts, and I went on my way leaving her to fold this humongous pile of clean laundry. Guess the kids know when to make themselves scarce or maybe the boys are not very good at folding clothes. Who knows what the girl is good at. 

Back in Quatro, Mikey helped me to fold and put the clean clothes away. Sandy was nowhere to be found as she probably figured that Mikey had got this. By counting the handkerchiefs at one a day, it meant that I had accumulated over 3 weeks of laundry this time around. As all I wear are tee shirts and shorts, which I have plenty of, it was no big deal. 

I continued writing the blog and then planned for our last stop on the way back to Henly. With one picked out in Waco, we will arrive Sunday 27th and stay through December 1st which is also the travelling day when we should be back in Henly. I plan on staying in Henly for 3 months at least depending on the weather. 

We wandered around for the last walk of the day. There must have been a lot of rain as there is standing water everywhere. Miss Sandy likes to get her feet wet and wanders through the puddles resulting in me having to dry her off when we get back to Quatro. 

It was becoming increasingly darker and was looking like it wanted to rain again, which did not matter to us as we were warm and snug inside of Quatro. The rest of the evening was spent in the usual way. 

Written 11/26/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com  

Travel Time RV Park, Sulpher Springs, TX Day 2, Saturday 11/26/2022

It rained hard through the night and was still raining when I woke up. Figuring that I could not take the dogs out in the rain in case I should melt, I rolled over and went back to sleep. Not asleep but laying there with my eyes closed and listening to the rain on the roof. I had to use the bathroom (of course) and the skylight was dripping into the toilet bowl. Good job too or there would be a mess. 

The rain eased up and we went out to walk around the duck pond before returning to Quatro for breakfast. I was looking around for something to eat and came across a can of sardines, one of my friend B.J’s favorite meals. As I had not eaten them in months, I decided that they would be very tasty on toast for breakfast. I made sure to follow that up with a second piece of toast covered in marmalade to take away the fishy taste and coffee, lots of coffee. 

With breakfast out of the way, I first called the Camp Owner and made a payment over the phone, as the office had been closed over Thanksgiving. I thanked him for a very nice stay, as we move on tomorrow. Then I attended to some RV chores and filled the water tank just in case although, we have not had any freezing weather since we hit Texas with none forecast thank goodness. 

Then it was time to write in the blog after checking the emails. It is overcast and dreary looking outside with the occasional rain shower, not very encouraging for walking at all. Both dogs are snoozing their fool heads off and look very comfortable. What a life… 

I had a few things to do in preparation for tomorrow’s trip, mostly storing things away in their proper travel places. Satisfied that all that remained was basically bring in the slides and raise the jacks after the morning walkabout, I settled down to complete today’s blog. At least, I do not have to gas up when we leave as we should have enough to the next stop. 

The rest of the evening was spent watching TV and preparing and eating the evening meal for all of us. I was in bed by 10:30 pm. 

Written 11/26/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com