Quatro in his new home.
We got up early knowing that today is moving day. Most of the preparations had been done yesterday. At least as much as could be known as we had one more night plus the early morning at Camp Caravan. I did the few remaining things including hooking up the Jeep and making sure that everything was travel safe within Quatro. I sat and went over my mental check list and started the motor and we were off. Goodbye Camp Caravan and hello Henly RV Park. Home sweet home.

The drive was uneventful except for when we were heading to Georgetown when the map pointed out a different direction to bypass Austin which, incidentally, was 68 miles away at that point. I took the offered direction only to glance down and notice that it had added a hundred miles to the trip. I did a quick turn about, not literally of course, and headed back to IH 35 Interstate which would take us into Austin.  

Sixty-Eight miles later, old, and familiar territory came into view, and we made the drive along highway 290, admiring the progress that the Consruction is making along Highway 71 and then into Dripping Springs and on to Henly. It was good to be home, at last. 

I had already called ahead to plan to get filled up with Propane before I parked the rig but first, had to unhook the Jeep leaving it by our new site. James had a problem after filling Quatro when the valve on the coach would not shut off. He fiddled around and after a couple of minutes, fixed it. I drove the RV over to the new site and both Malinda and James helped me to set up which we did in no time flat. 

I pointed out that there was a blockage in the tanks, and they would not drain, and they both spent some time trouble shooting and then trying this and that before stating that I needed a certain part to hook up the back flushing process for it to work. 

I dropped everything and jumped in the Jeep making a quick drive to Home Depot for what we perceived would need for the next day. Having done as much as I could for the day, we went out for that final walk in the park, much to the dog’s delight. 

The evening was spent in the usual fashion, and I was in bed by 10:30 pm, totally unheard of for me. Incidentally, we covered around 150 miles on this trip. 

Written 12/01/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com