The donkeys in the Wildlife Preserve next door. 

We went out for the morning’s walk as per usual and just wandered around as directed by Miss Sandy. This is nothing like walking a straight line depending on what smells her nose catches as we wander around. Mikey and I, the good servants and followers that we are, just wander along behind her as she drags us around. The only time I intervene when she is on one of the wander trips is if there is any danger. Incidentally, we never cover much in the way of distance on these sorts of walks, but we have fun. 

Back in Quatro, I fixed breakfast and put some pork cutlets on the indoor grill to cook while I ate breakfast. I made the mistake of having both the grill and the coffee machine on at the same time resulting in a tripped breaker. No biggy as I quickly reset it. 

I have an eye appointment coming up and I cannot find my other pair of glasses which are the ones that I need to have the lenses renewed. I have put them somewhere safe, so safe in fact to be invisible. I searched around and even looked in the space where the TV is stored when we travel. It has some mechanism that brings it up for viewing and lowers it down when it is not needed. I thought I could see what looked like the glasses case in there but could not reach it. 

I decided to go into The Home Depot in Dripping Springs and buy one of those long handled picker uppers, whatever they are called and telling the dogs, I would be back shortly, jumped in the Jeep for the 10 mile trip. It had warmed up enough that I tried to use the car’s A/C but all it would do was blow hot air. One more thing that was not repaired when it should have been. It is a sure thing that I will need to get it fixed as it impossible to drive in Texas without A/C and this is December. Imagine what it is like in the Summer when the temperature often reaches 100 plus degrees. 

I stopped at the dry cleaners to pick up half of my stuff with the other half not yet ready and then wandered around The Home Depot finding what I needed and remembering a couple of other things that I had not written on my list. Remembering stuff like that is a bonus for me nowadays as I need to list everything. With Starbucks right next to the Dry Cleaners and having to use that exit to leave, what else could I do except buy a Latte? 

The drive back to Henly was uneventful, which is the way I like it, and I pulled in to be greeted by my dogs. Sandy gave every sign that she had to” go” and we quickly harnessed up and wandered around the campground before returning to the RV to catch up on the blog. 

Incidentally, although the picker upper worked perfectly, what I thought to be a glasses case was a box holding electrical wiring, so it is back to searching for those darn glasses. Me and my wonderful storage system. It seems they are gone although, when I have the eye exam coming up, I will probably need new lenses. The missing glasses are all one piece and would more or less have to be replaced in their entirety anyway. So, maybe no biggie after all. 

I sat and wrote for a while and then decided to go out walking again and managed to cover 2 miles for the day. The rest of the evening was spent in the usual fashion. 

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