One of the Zebra’s in the Wildlife Park across the road from the campground.

Even with the barest minimum of covers on, it was still warm in bed last evening and I awoke a couple of times feeling hot and uncomfortable. I had left the fan on at the front of the RV hoping that it would move enough air to keep the place cool but apparently not. Probably because the outside temperature was 65 degrees. Maybe, I need to leave the A/C on… 

With the restless night, I crawled out of bed at a somewhat reasonable hour, and we went out for the morning walk. I had forgotten my phone yet again but as nothing happened, it was not important. Back in Quatro, I continued the search for the missing eyeglasses, but I am out of places to look. It appears they are gone. 

After checking the State of the World, which had not improved since yesterday, I sat and wrote for a while. I got thinking about the A/C in the Jeep and did some research and ended up calling Whitlock Auto in Dripping Springs. I set up an appointment for December 20 at 8:00 am and arranged that they would bring me back to Quatro and, when the time comes to retrieve the car, pick me back up. 

Satisfied that this arrangement would work fine, I glanced at the calendar on the phone and noticed that I had a Doctor’s Appointment for the following day. As this was for my ears and because one of the hearing aids needed either work or replacing, I did not want to reschedule. I emailed my good friend BJ to work out some travel arrangements just in case the Jeep is not fixed in time. Now, we will just have to wait and see. 

I decided to go into town to pick up the Quilt that BJ had made for me and was being dry cleaned. It was in the same building as Starbucks, and I took full advantage and bought my usual Latte. Before heading home, I took a drive around and discovered some concrete trails in Frontier Park and made a mental note to bring the dogs here for a change of scenery. I continued to drive around for a bit exploring some of the other roads before heading back to the RV. 

We went out walking again and this time, took the outside lane on Henly Loop. I remembered to bring my phone although we seem to walk much further than the phone shows in terms of miles. I appear to have no concept of distance. Back at Quatro, we sat outside and listened to an Audiobook for a while and then made a trip to the dumpster before calling it a night and adjourning back to the RV where it was the usual evening meal along with watching TV. 

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